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5 Zodiacs Who Make The Best First Dates

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Dating can be tough… or it can be really fun. It’s not fair in that some people are more naturally wired to get out there and date and have innate abilities that make it easier for them to connect and make people swoon. These are the zodiacs that make amazing first dates that almost always lead to a second date and beyond!

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1. Sagittarius

With your playful spirit, enthusiasm, and love of life, a first date with you is a guaranteed blast. You have a great sense of humor and a laidback disposition which immediately puts people at ease and negates any of the usual first-date awkwardness. You love all that life has to offer and your positivity is infectious. It’s hard not to fall in love with you after a first date!

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2. Aries

You are bold, energetic, and love getting to know new people. You have a lot of passions and interests so you always can think of something to say… a date with you will leave no room for painfully awkward silences. You know how to connect and communicate and are also a masterful flirt. A first date with you almost always leads to a second.

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3. Gemini

You’re expressive, open-minded, and genuinely love getting to know other people. You have a great sense of humor which immediately puts people at ease and your curiosity makes people feel seen and special. You have a lot of passions and interests and can keep the conversation flowing and interesting. You are known for your quick wit and can talk to anyone about anything. This helps you navigate social situations with ease and makes you an amazing first date as you have the rare ability to make people feel like they’ve known you forever.

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4. Libra

No one is as charming as you. You have a certain charisma that is utterly unique and totally irresistible. You know how to stare deep into someone’s soul and make them feel seen in a way they never have before. You ask genuine questions and really listen for the answers. You also have an optimistic, easygoing disposition that is disarming and irresistible.

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5. Aquarius

You have a naturally friendly, outgoing disposition that immediately puts people at ease. You’re also very unique and interesting… no one has ever quite met someone like you. You have a different way of looking at the world and your dates find this intriguing and refreshing. You also are an intellectual and have a wealth of knowledge so running out of things to talk about is never an issue for you.

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