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5 Zodiacs Who Like To Avoid Drama


Virgos do their best to avoid drama as much as possible. They’re too focused on their careers to care anyway. They aim for stability and see no point in getting caught up in a “he said / she said” situation. They’re too calm, collected, and rational to be bothered with such nonsense.


Capricorns are too busy to participate (or even be interested) in drama. They’re ambitious, goal-driven, and extremely career oriented. If provoked, they’d give their two cents and walk away. They see drama as a distraction from their aspirations.


Pisces are one of the peacemakers of the zodiac. Their heads are always in the clouds, and they aren’t usually paying attention to what’s going on in their everyday. If someone were to drag them into drama, they wouldn’t react in a way that would make it worse. These signs are the kindest, most considerate people out there.


Like its fellow earth signs, drama is a big no-no for a Taurus. Also focused on stability, this sign aims to put out every fire before they even spark. They’re calm and willing to listen to reason.


As an air sign, you’d think Aquarius wouldn’t mind a little drama in their lives. Alas, they do. As a free spirit, this sign wants to do everything without restriction or distraction. They see drama as a cage. They see it as holding them back from doing what they want. So, they’re not ones to tolerate it.

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