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5 Zodiacs Who Have Strict, Unbreakable Boundaries In Relationships

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Some zodiacs are going to let you get away with murder in relationships. Once they develop feelings for you, their standards will be out the window so they have an excuse to keep you around. But other zodiacs aren’t going to be that lenient. If you cross a boundary, then you’re going to pay the price – which just might mean losing them forever. Here are some zodiacs who have strict, unbreakable boundaries in relationships:

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Aries have a temper, so they won’t let disrespect slide. They won’t sit there quietly while you make a fool out of them. They are going to fight back. They are going to stand up for themselves. They might give you a second chance if you apologize and promise to never make the same mistake again, but if you go back on your word, then they are going to walk out the door. They won’t hesitate to leave you behind because they know they’re better off alone than with someone who can’t take no for an answer.

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Taurus have strict routines and strict boundaries. If you pressure them to change their mind, they are going to feel uncomfortable around you. If you push past a boundary that they’ve set, then they’re going to feel uncomfortable around you. If you do anything to make them feel like you want them to change, then they’re going to feel uncomfortable around you. And a Taurus needs to feel comfortable in their relationship. They need to feel safe being themselves around you. Otherwise, they are going to grow tired of you pretty quickly. They aren’t going to stick around for long.

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Virgos have high expectations for themselves and the people they consider dating. If you’re unable to meet those standards, they aren’t going to want to spend their precious time on you. They have so many more things that they could be doing, so you need to prove that you’re worth it. If you’re trying, they’ll give you credit, but if you couldn’t care less about doing the right thing, then they won’t want anything to do with you.

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Leos know their worth and they aren’t going to settle for less in relationships or any other area of their life. They’re perfectly fine with the idea of staying single since they’re so independent, so if someone crosses a boundary that they’ve set, then they are going to walk toward the door without a second though. They aren’t going to feel like losing this person is missing out because they know that the right person would never cross a boundary. The right person would respect them too much to cause that type of hurt.

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Scorpios aren’t going to let you get away with disrespect. Even though they doubt their worth from time to time, they aren’t going to let you do the same. They aren’t going to let you treat them like trash. They would rather be alone than remain in a relationship where they are undervalued and disrespected. This sign won’t stand for broken boundaries because they know that they deserve more.

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