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5 Zodiacs Who Hate Having Crushes

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Some zodiacs are always looking for their perfect match. They love the idea of love and can’t wait to find the perfect person for them. But other zodiacs associate crushes with pain, stress, and heartache. They want to stay as far away from those feelings as possible. Here are a few zodiacs who hate having crushes:

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Capricorn, you’re a sensible sign. You think with your head over your heart and are guided by logic. That’s why you cannot stand when you develop a crush on someone and your mind turns to mush. You don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself or wasting precious time that could be spent on work because you can’t get your mind off of a certain someone. You ‘re perfectly fine with the idea of staying single because it’s so much easier to worry about yourself than it is to worry about another person.

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Scorpio, you’re a cynical sign. You always expect the worst and set yourself up for disappointment. You want to be prepared when the world comes crumbling down around you, which is what makes you so pessimistic. Since you have trouble imagining anyone having a crush on you, or treating you the way that you deserve, you usually aren’t happy when you develop a new crush.

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Aquarius, you are a hard worker who wants to get certain goals crossed off by a certain time. You want to focus most of your energy on achieving your big dreams, and crushes are only a distraction for you. You hate falling for someone new because it means you aren’t going to get as much done as you would like. Your mind will be too occupied with thoughts of this person. Your concern for the other areas in your life will start to slip. And that’s not what you want.

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Aries, you like to pretend that you couldn’t care less about anyone, which is why crushes are so annoying. It’s hard to keep up your tough guy act when you keep daydreaming about a certain someone. In your mind, crushes turn you weak. They bring out your vulnerable side – which isn’t always a side you’re comfortable sharing with the world. Sometimes, you wish you could harden yourself and not give a damn at all, but a crush makes that impossible. It turns you into a true romantic.

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Taurus, you are terrified of getting your heart broken, which is why you hate developing crushes on someone new. You don’t trust your own taste, so you’re worried that you’re going to end up getting rejected or abandoned out of the blue. You’re worried that this person will go from a source of happiness and butterflies to a source of pain and despair. You like things just fine the way they are right now, so you hate when someone comes along who makes you want to risk changing things. It’s easier on your own. It’s easier without an extra person around that you need to make happy.

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