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5 Zodiacs Who Express Their Love Through Humor

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From their knack for making the funniest faces to their spot-on celebrity impressions, Sagittarius is the most humorous when in love. They’ll constantly poke fun at you until you’re annoyed. They don’t see love as something to take seriously, but as something to let it grow via vibrancy and laughter.

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As one of the more (innocently) mischievous signs, Geminis love to pull pranks on the people they love. Brace yourself if you’re the type to scare easily. If you’re open to embracing their many schemes, they’ll love you even more.

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From playful banter to hilarious nicknames, Aries show their love for you through crude humor. You can tell they’re comfortable around you when they trust that you won’t take anything personally. They love hard, have the most authentic aura, and won’t back down from a good and clean roast.

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A fusion between their fellow fire signs, Leo loves to laugh with you and at you when in love. If they adore you, expect to be the butt of their jokes. You can also count on them to carry out clean humor, as their intentions will never be to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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Aquarius loves to be in a relationship that also feels like a friendship. So, prepare for hilarious banter and long-winded text convos. Being in love makes this air sign feel super giddy. So, don’t be surprised if you laugh way more than you should. They’re logical and nerdy, so expect many of their jokes to be incredibly relatable.

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