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5 Zodiacs Who Don’t Tolerate Mind Games

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Some zodiacs understand that modern dating involves a lot of mind games, and they don’t really mind playing along. They might even have fun with it. But other signs aren’t interested in the games. Here are some zodiacs who don’t have the patience for mind games:


When there’s a problem, you expect to talk things out like adults. You aren’t going to put up with a partner who expects you to jump through hoops or magically guess what is on their mind. Communication is important to you. You try your hardest to be open in your relationships and to encourage your partners to do the same, and if someone would rather play games than act like a mature adult, you aren’t going to want to date them anymore. You would much rather be alone than waste your time trying to navigate a relationship filled with games.

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You are as straightforward as they come. You understand that not everyone is as blunt as you, but you still expect your partners to do you the courtesy of telling you the truth. If they try to put you through tests, you won’t stand for it. You don’t want to prove yourself to anyone. If someone is unable to see your worth, you aren’t going to sit there trying to make them love you. You would rather have a partner who sees your value from the start. A partner who appreciates what you do for them naturally, without being tricked or coerced.

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You are a jealous sign, so you aren’t going to take it well if your partner leaves your texts unanswered or flirts with someone else in front of you. To you, playing with your heart is just plain disrespectful, and you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who upsets you on purpose. You want someone who cares about your happiness. Someone who would never dream of making you upset, especially on purpose.

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Your trust can be shaken easily, which is why mind games are going to send you running in the other direction. You want a partner who makes you feel comfortable, not a partner who purposely puts you through pain to see how you react. If someone waits too long to text back and plays hard to get, then you’re going to assume that they aren’t interested. You’re going to find someone else or enjoy your alone time because you aren’t excited by the chase. That sounds exhausting to you, and relationships should be about comfort and ease.

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You’re confident enough to know you don’t have to put up with mind games. You have plenty of options, so there’s no point in settling for a relationship where you’re constantly tested. You want your partner to gush about how much they love you, so if someone is purposely pretending to care less about you than they actually do, it’s going to be a turn-off. You think love should be shouted from the rooftops. You think you should be spoiling each other rotten. If someone has a different idea of how to approach relationships, then you’re bound to clash.

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