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5 Zodiacs Who Don’t Mind Spending Time Alone After A Break-Up

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Aries are pretty emotional signs. It will likely take them some time to get over their ex. They might dabble in something casual but are not ones to commit right after a heartbreak. Naturally, they’ll choose to focus on self-improvement. As bold and ambitious as they are, they’ll use their broken heart as an excuse to give themselves the best upgrade.

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Pisces feel devastated when someone breaks their heart. So, they’ll want to be left alone. They need a lot of time to process how they feel. Once they process their emotions, they’d still rather be alone than with a new potential love interest. Even as time passes, the water sign isn’t interested in dating those who catch their eye, but those who catch their heart.

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Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac. However, it may hurt when their heart breaks. They have a natural ability to mend and keep it moving. They see life as a ball that has to keep rolling—even if without their now ex. So, they don’t mind trekking life alone. They’re intellectuals who see their alone time as much-needed solitude to figure out their next move.

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They might not admit it, but when someone breaks Capricorn’s heart, they feel it. They’ll drown themselves in work instead of talking about it. Even when they’re ready to love again, they’ll still take as much time as they want to find someone new. They’re not the type to fall in love at first sight, but rather when the connection is stable.

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When Aquarians become newly single, they’ll grow to like their new sense of freedom. They see the single life as something to embrace. They do whatever they want and hang out with whomever they wish. Singleness liberates the air sign. And to them, jumping from one relationship to another no longer suits them.

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