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5 Zodiacs Who Are As Intelligent As Any Air Sign

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Behind the glitz and the glamour, Leos are big-time brainiacs. They have one of the sharpest minds in the zodiac, where problem-solving and coming up with new ideas come naturally to them. Leo’s intelligence combines the books they read and the experiences they’ve lived through into one. A natural conversationalist, try striking up a discussion with them and they’ll start spewing out random facts about the Galilean moons on top of a list of their best shopping hacks.

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Virgos are one of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac, as the art of problem-solving comes naturally to them. Willing to help anyone they come across, this earth sign’s mind can solve even the most complex of tasks. These people are known to come up with the best ideas and can follow through with even better results. Known for being the least likely to get scammed, this group is known for its analytical ways. Some astrologers even believe Virgos may have natural genius abilities as well.

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It’s no surprise another earth sign is on this list. Like a Virgo, Capricorns think in a structured way. So, with that much mental order inside them, there’s bound to be multiple hints of genius in them as well. Known to make smart decisions, these earth signs like to think methodically. They’re able to control their impulses and have a clear focus on their goals. They like to learn and believe that mistakes are where they’re best taught.

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Obviously, the sign who loves to travel is super smart. Like its neighbor, Capricorn, this fire sign also loves to learn. They see the world as one big giant classroom and are profusely curious about everything around them. Undoubtedly one of the most intelligent in the zodiac, Sagittarius wants to know everything there is to know about the world. They like to go above and beyond just being booksmart, as they see their own life experiences as learning material that’s as valuable.

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More than just an emotionally intelligent water sign, Scorpios hold most of their power through their intelligence. Probably the smartest of us all, these signs are not ones to take for a fool. They are perceptive, sharp, and extremely savvy. On top of being street smart, these signs are also multitalented. Scorpios are known to pick up even the tiniest details that most of us miss, and that’s because their minds are incredibly strong.

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