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5 Zodiacs Who Always Ruin Their Chance At Finding Love

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It’s not your fault that you haven’t found your person yet. Love is all about timing. It’s not something that you can force. However, there are some things you can do to raise your chances of finding that special someone, like making sure that your heart remains open. Here are some zodiacs who are ruining their chances of finding love:

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You’re ruining your chances of finding love by refusing to put yourself out there. You need to open your heart and let down your walls if you want to create a genuine connection with another person. You can’t shut others out or assume they want nothing to do with you when you have no evidence that’s true. You need to give yourself a fighting chance. You need to play the game in order to ‘win’ the game.

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You’re ruining your chances of finding love by walking away from people before they have the chance to walk away from you. You shouldn’t leave at the first sign of trouble, simply because you’re scared that they will leave. Every relationship has conflict. If you’re right for each other, you’ll be able to overcome it. But you’re never going to know the difference if you keep running away, if you don’t give this other person a real chance. Love is about vulnerability. You might end up hurt, or you might end up with the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

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You’re ruining your chances of finding love by focusing too hard on hitting milestones. If you feel like you need to settle down by a certain age in order to be happy or successful, then you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and this other person. It’s wonderful that you know what you want, and you should definitely tell your dates about your expectations, but don’t rush anything. If you move too quickly, then you could end up with the wrong person. Or you could miss out on the fun early stages. Either way, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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You’re ruining your chances of finding love by being too forgiving of the wrong people. If you keep running back to a relationship that isn’t working, then you’re missing out on the chance to form a new relationship with someone else, someone who is a much better fit for you personally. Although it’s hard to say goodbye to your past and move on, it’s necessary if history keeps repeating itself. You don’t want to waste forever on the wrong person when there are plenty of people out there who would love to treat you right.

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You’re ruining your chances of finding love by discounting yourself. By forgetting what a catch you are and how lucky others would be to end up with you. It’s hard to introduce yourself to new people and ask for what you want when you feel like you don’t deserve anything at all. You need to work on loving yourself and respecting yourself. Remind yourself that you are worthy of all the love in the world. Then you can start asking for it.

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