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5 Zodiacs Most Likely To Find True Love Through A Dating App

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No one’s more meant to find their one true love on a dating app than Gemini. Often ending up in life’s unconventional path, these twins are naturally adaptive and curious about everything. So, while some may judge an online match, they’re intrigued by it. They see it as no different than meeting someone traditionally. If you’ve caught their eye, they’ll invest the same amount of effort as they would if they met you through a friend or at a party.

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Like Gemini, Aquarius has no ounce of judgment when meeting someone online. They are generally the ones who prefer not to do what everyone else is doing. So, while some may have met their significant other traditionally, they’d be the ones bragging about their special someone from Tinder. Known to thrive in the unconventional, these signs will invest their time and money in you similarly if you had met at a coffee shop.

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Sagittarius is willing to try out anything at their shot for love—especially online dating. They see it as necessary, especially in this day and age where everything goes by quickly. These signs love this way of getting to know someone where they no longer have to wait to ask for a phone number. As the sign that naturally soaks up experience, you can count on this fiery archer to put a lot of thought and effort into your dates and connection.

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Now, what is the most traditional sign doing on this list? Well, it’s because they barely have time to date. The workaholics of the zodiac, Capricorns are bound to resort to online dating because they’re always at work. Sure, they might meet someone there, but not all can. Once these signs get over their judgment of meeting someone online, they’ll eventually find the one that can make their heart flutter.

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Libras may be one of the biggest suckers of a traditional love story, but they’re still an air sign and won’t mind finding their one true love online. They definitely would have preferred to form a budding romance through a mutual friend. But if you pique their interest, they will pursue you similarly as if you two had just exchanged some casual flirting at the bookstore. Libras are determined to find their one in life, so their online romances are bound to be as sweet and affectionate as the ones they form in front of them.

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