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5 Zodiacs Most Likely To Find Love Through A Mutual Frien

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Virgos tend to have close-knit friendships. They’re usually friends with those who share similar values. Virgos want someone career-oriented and well-put together — two things their friends already know to look out for. A Virgo is looking for consistency and reliability, and meeting someone through a mutual friend will at least decrease the likelihood of an utter mismatch.

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Aquarius is a very social sign. They’ll make friends anywhere — from their inner circles to the cities they visit for a weekend. They usually like to make friends with people who are their intellectual equals. Their friends are open-minded, optimistic, and philosophical. They’re open to meeting new people, so if their friends want them to meet someone, they’re the least to hesitate.

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Libras are all about relationships. Usually, they have a great set of friends they’ve known forever. Warm and light-hearted, they’ve got an inner circle that shares similar values. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of them potentially introduced the air sign to someone worth getting to know.


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Cancers usually have the most supportive group of friends. Often forming incredibly close friendships, it wouldn’t be a shock if one of their friends purposely sought out someone for Cancer to meet.


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Like Cancer, Pisces tend to keep pleasant company around them. Their friends tend to be emotionally in tune and an extension of the water sign’s kindness. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of them was planning a blind date between their Pisces friend and a potential suitor. The sign wants someone who can tap into their sensitive side, and their friends might know someone who fits the bill.

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