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5 Zodiac Signs Who Know How To Laugh At Themselves

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Sagittarius rarely lets their bad days get the best of them. They’re naturally happy people who know not to take life too seriously. They’re well-rounded and intelligent and are constantly learning from their mistakes. They’re not likely to overthink an argument and linger on the past.

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Leo is a ray of sunshine. At their core, they’re optimistic people who try to live positively. Sure, they might get sad sometimes, but their bright spirit is always there to cheer them up in no time. They’re confident and wise people. So, they know how to play it off well when something embarrassing happens.

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Pisces has their head in the clouds most of the time. The water sign naturally knows how to go with the flow. They’re not the type to hold onto relationships not meant for them nor pout about their circumstances. Spiritual and intelligent, these signs understand life’s imperfections and know that it’s all temporary.

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Intelligent with a zest for life, Aquarius will never let a bad day get to them. They live with a purpose and won’t let any setback stop them. They’re not the kind to linger on what could’ve or should’ve been. Humor balances their thoughts — letting them see situations as they are and with a sense of levity.

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Virgos are always careful when it comes to letting outside circumstances influence them. They like to live a stable life and aren’t the ones to let negativity fester. With a knack for detail, they usually see what the rest of us don’t. They’re wise beyond their years, and to them, there’s always room for humor amid their troubles.

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