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5 Zodiac Signs That Will Heal Into A New Life Before November

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The autumn months are a mellowing transition phase between the extremes of summer and winter, of light and darkness, of heat and cold. In this time between sun-tanning and hibernation, between long days and long nights, we have a chance to reassess what really matters to us and what are mere worthless distractions

Despite the grey and dimming days, autumn is a uniquely sensuous time, filled with the sound of leaves crackling under our feet, the smell of pumpkin pies baking in the kitchen, and the joy of snuggling under the blankets with someone special—whether it’s a pet or a lover.

Here are the five zodiac signs who can make the best of these transitional months and use them to better themselves.

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1. Aries

As you stare out the window as the leaves fall from the trees, take it as a sign that you need to get rid of your excess baggage. All the so-called “friends” who take far more than they give. All the grudges you hold that embitter your soul. All the things you worried about that never came true, how much you dragged yourself down by them, and how much time you wasted on them that you can never get back. Free yourself of the empty distractions you engage in to deflect attention from the fact that no matter your age, life is short, your days are numbered, and it’s time to set yourself free from the things that weigh you down and prevent you from soaring to new heights.

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2. Taurus

Before Halloween ends and you turn the page on a new month, this is the time to take things a little more slowly. You’ve stubbornly stampeded through life at warp speed, but now is the season to gently apply the brakes and appreciate the space that surrounds you. In your haste to get things done, did you ever notice how calmly the afternoon light filters in from outside? Take a deep breath and actually listen to the quiet. Hear what it’s trying to tell you. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, light a candle and say a prayer to yourself. No one else needs to hear it. The prayer is for your future.

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3. Leo

After all the money, power, and adulation that come with being the zodiac’s alpha personality, it’s still not enough, right? You can sense that something is still missing, can’t you? It’s the part of you that’s still a child. So much of your waking hours are devoted to impressing others, to achieving social status, to making deals and shaking hands—and, in some cases, even stabbing backs. But somehow, you aren’t entirely happy. Is it maybe because no matter how many world records you set, you aren’t living up to your own standards? Think about when you were a kid and what was important to you back then. Think of what personal ideals you may have sacrificed in your quest for worldly glory. Don’t you think it’s high time for the lion to reconnect with its inner lamb?

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4. Sagittarius

Now is the time, as things get darker and colder, to light a candle and shine a light on what you’ve neglected and allowed to fester. You know exactly what I’m talking about, so don’t try to hide it. Face the issues you’ve been ignoring. Address the problems you’ve allowed to go unsolved. Fix the things that have been broken for far too long. Clean up the areas you’ve allowed to get dirty. Left unaddressed, all these situations will only get worse until they reach a point of no return and you’re stuck being miserable. Nothing will improve until you take action. Prove to yourself that you can do it.

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5. Aquarius 

You spend so much time taking care of business and attending to everyone else’s needs that you often neglect what’s important to you. Over the next few weeks, stop looking outward and close your eyes inward. Let your thoughts take you where they need to take you, and don’t try to resist. Slowly, all your past grievances and current worries will seem trivial and manageable. When you open your eyes, take a piece of paper and make a list: On the left side, write down what you like about your current situation; on the right side, write down what you don’t like. Promise yourself that by next year this time, you will have crossed off everything on the right side of that list.

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