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5 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy A Boring Life

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Boredom really gets a bad name. But in a fast-paced, hectic, overworked, and frazzled world filled with drama, hatred, and conflict, boredom almost sounds like a luxury.

People who embrace boredom enjoy the simple things in life: Birds chirping, the sun shining, a warm cup of coffee, and a pet cuddled up next to them. Boredom enhances mindfulness, concentration, relaxation, and the ability to focus on tasks—all of which have been lost amid a world of short attention spans and clicking hyperlinks every three seconds. While some people might think it’s “lazy” to sit around and be bored, you actually get less work done if you’re easily distracted by constantly clicking around seeking the shiniest new thing.

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Here are five zodiac signs most likely to embrace a boring life—but they probably wouldn’t refer to it as “boring.” They’d probably say that their lifestyle embraces peace and serenity.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the boredom.

1. Cancer

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Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac. They feel most at peace far from the madding crowd. They like to create a total environment at home that soothes them. They surround themselves with images and knickknacks that remind them of their favorite things. They are the type that would rather curl up on the couch and listen to MP3s by their favorite musical artist rather than go see them live in concert, where they’d have to wait in line to see tickets, wait in line to get in, and then be elbowed and shoved around by 10,000 other people hooting and hollering and drowning out the music.

2. Capricorn

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A practical and pragmatic Earth sign, Capricorn embraces boredom for a different reason than the others. Known as the hardest-working and most goal-oriented of all the signs, Capricorn likes to work best alone, free from the distractions of idle chitchat and gossip. They find that being among others only drags them down and slows their progress toward completing tasks. They soldier through all of the items on their To-Do list in solitude, maybe listening to some soft music in the background. And when it comes time to relax, they’re more likely to do it with a romantic partner and a friend, and it will probably involve munching on popcorn and watching an old movie rather than sky-diving or jet-skiing.

3. Aquarius

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Aquarians are generally introverted, quiet, and extremely hard to read. This is why they like to spend time alone in a quiet space reading. They prefer to keep a very small circle of friends whom they love and trust rather than attend lavish public galas. Of all the signs, they love to travel and take retreats away from the hustle and bustle. Maybe one week, it’s a rural cabin. The next week, it might be a seaside cottage. They need time alone to recharge their batteries, free from noise and clatter and needless entanglements. And when they indulge themselves with some fun, it is likewise soothing and risk-free.

4. Pisces

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One of the zodiac’s great dreamers, Pisces is a mutable water sign who loves sitting at the beach, watching the waves slowly roll in for hours, contemplating the serenity and peacefulness of life. They don’t need excess external stimulation, loud pumping music, strobe lights, and the roar of a crowd. They prefer turning inwardly, where they can soothe themselves with a vivid fantasy life where they control all the characters and always give their stories a happy ending. They embrace the crucial difference between looking outwardly—where there is chaos, unrest, and you might not like where the story leads you—and looking inwardly, where you can always tailor the story to your satisfaction.

5. Libra

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Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet that guides compassion, sensitivity, and gentleness. It is no coincidence that they are symbolized by the Scales, because they seek balance in everything they do. They calmly plan their lives in advance so they don’t get disrupted by unexpected calamities. They avoid confrontation at all times and actively distance themselves from high-stress people who love to quarrel about the tiniest things. To a Libra, there is no difference between boredom and bliss, no dividing line between uneventfulness and nirvana. They tend to be loners, although they are so kind and forgiving that they could have as many friends as they want.

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