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5 Zodiac Signs That Always Fall in Love With People They Can’t Have

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Here are some of the signs that are more likely to fall in love with people they cannot have.


Even if you are a bold and strong person, sometimes you blindly run after people who don’t want you in their lives. You strongly believe that, even if those people don’t like you now, they will someday because you will prove to them that you are a special woman. And you believe this with all your heart and nothing holds you back.

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You have so much confidence in yourself that you can’t believe or accept that someone doesn’t want you in your life. That’s why from up there where you stand, you watch with shock when someone refuses you. But it is impossible for you to understand that you will be rejected, so you try again and again.

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You fall in love so hard that it hurts. You always set your sights on the wrong people, such as stars, or those who are impossible to reach. You always love someone, but those around you should not be surprised if that person is invisible. In your mind, that love is real and makes everything complicated.

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Love is very important to you, but you only look for it in the wrong places. You want to really fall in love, that’s the only way you’ll feel complete.

You are not a loner, you depend on others and you are very seriously looking for love and romance. Unfortunately, you’re so fixated on finding the perfect partner that you always stumble upon men you can’t have.


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You are used to getting what you want. Unfortunately, after you achieve this you start to get bored and tend to look for people you can’t have. You are tenacious and stubborn and will try to seduce even those men who don’t even notice you exist.

Then you are satisfied with the fact that you at least tried.

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