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5 zodiac signs with the strongest intuition

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Here are five zodiac signs that have the strongest intuition.
They really feel everything …

1. Virgo

Virgo perfectionists want everything to be perfect. Their keen sense of observation and their analytical mind, coupled with strong intuition, make it impossible to miss anything. Virgos are paradoxical, one of the most rational signs of the zodiac and one of the most intuitive.

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2. Aries

Warrior sign. Aries can handle conflict. Their love and weakness for competition and strife – both physical and mental – cause them to expose themselves to unnecessary risks, although they usually come out of this chaos unharmed. Being light-hearted, reckless people, they are guided by intuition. Their gut warns them about bad people, revealing possible ulterior motives and manipulations.

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3. Fish

Fish swims away at the slightest hint of danger, and people born under the sign of Pisces do the same. They prefer a calm and comfortable life, avoiding negativity and bad people. They are always the first to sense danger, and their wary nature is the result of their strong intuition.

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4. Gemini

And even if Gemini does not believe in the otherworldly, they are born with a dog’s nose for trouble. The twins know in advance where they should not go, so as not to get caught up in history. Gemini will completely trust their intuition if they feel that something does not need to be done.

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5. Aquarius

The most intuitive signs of the zodiac. They are inexplicably associated with the universe and the world. Their senses flow like water that washes everything and everything. Their impulsive decisions are sometimes bizarre. Still, Aquarius’s intuitive compass always points in the right direction.

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