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5 zodiac signs that are not (necessarily) made for marriage

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Getting married – what for some is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream is more likely to cause panic for others. Last but not least, this could be due to the fact that the typical personality traits of your zodiac sign stand in the way of a wedding. But with which zodiac sign bearers are the chances rather bad that they will say yes to you?

No question about it: In order to be able to enter into a relationship, you need certain traits. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get along with a person permanently. There are a few zodiac signs who are at war with love because of their personality traits.

1. Zodiac sign that is not (necessarily) made for marriage: Aries

If you are of the Aries zodiac sign, love could often cause you problems. Because in order to make your point of view clear, you don’t necessarily use calm and objectivity, but quickly become hot-headed and personal. Perhaps you are not unfamiliar with childish behavior with explosive outbursts of anger when something does not go according to your ideas …?

For a partner, this behavior is rather difficult in the long term. Because patience is not one of your strengths either. Now for the good news: Aries are very loyal friends.

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2. Zodiac sign that is not (necessarily) made for marriage: Gemini

If you step too close to a twin, they can quickly jump out of the skin and show their second face. This quickly leads to preferring to keep your distance from this zodiac sign, which in turn is poison for long-term love.

In addition, twins tend to be egocentric and pessimistic – true to the motto: Marital happiness ends in a divorce drama anyway. The plus with Gemini: Since this zodiac sign is considered to be very communicative, it is a fabulous conversation partner.

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3. Sign of the zodiac that is not (necessarily) made for marriage: Leo

People born in the zodiac sign Leo hate to be contradicted. This is always unfavorable for love, in which there are always at least two positions.

Plus, they can’t stand not being the center of the action. They are also considered to be extremely vain. The advantage: Lions are charismatic, passionate and sociable.

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4. Sign of the zodiac that is not (necessarily) made for marriage: Sagittarius

If Sagittarius is your zodiac sign, relationships can be difficult for the following reason: You probably don’t like to lose. Instead, the partnership quickly creates the feeling of being in competition with one another. These are not exactly the best conditions for a functioning marriage.

In addition: the unconditional striving for freedom of the Sagittarius. For this very reason, he sees marriage more as a deprivation of liberty. After all: Sagittarius is perfect as a travel partner, as he is considered to be very adventurous.

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5. Zodiac sign that is not (necessarily) made for marriage: Aquarius

Similar to Sagittarius, Aquarius loves independence. He also has a rebellious, changeable nature, which makes a relationship with him a challenge at times.

Getting married is not necessarily one of the life goals of this zodiac sign. But of course, Aquarius also has advantages: He likes to stand up for the worse off, and is spiritually inclined and creative.

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