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5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Run Away From Love

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1. Gemini

You fall in love pretty quickly. You are genuinely interested in curious about other people and are able to extract the good and make them feel seen and special. The problem is you’re a bit flighty and unpredictable and what looked shiny and bright one day, can look dark and scary the next. You fall out of love almost as easily as you fall in it and since you’re impulsive, you may leave without much notice or warning, making you the ultimate heartbreaker. You crave fun and excitement and adventure and have a strong aversion to anything boring. If you get a whiff of boredom, you are likely to bounce. Try to temper your quick impulses and give people more of a chance. Get to know them for who they are rather than how much excitement they can add to your lie.

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2. Sagittarius

You love life and want to live it to the fullest. Being in love is one experience you crave deeply but you won’t go there at the expense of your freedom. You fall in love quickly, but that’s because you often fall in love with the idea of someone rather than who they are. As a result, love can be fleeting for you and it doesn’t take long until you’re not the next novel thing. You tend to be more excited by the next thrill or adventure and no relationship can provide this all the time. Learn the value of stability and security. When you’re able to see what virtues these things are, you’ll have a more realistic view of loving relationships and can appreciate the depth and dimension they will add to your experience of life.

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3. Scorpio

You are sensual and passionate and crave deep love. You do not fall in love quickly and are very methodical with who you choose to give your heart. When you go in, you go all in however you’re distrusting nature can sometimes get the better of you. You hold people to high standards and if they fail to meet them, you will turn on them quickly. You are very attuned to betrayal and if you get even the slightest sense that someone can’t be trusted, you will leave. You’re suspicious nature also causes you to give very few people a fair shot and you may be missing out on a very good thing as a result. Trust yourself and your life a little more and stop being so worried about what could go wrong.

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4. Aquarius

You prioritize your freedom above all else, you need the space to exert your independence and can be a little hyper-vigilant when it comes to protecting this. You tend to idealize your partners and then feel disappointed when they don’t live up to the image you created. You also tend to withdraw when you feel people expect too much from you, as expectations can infringe upon your sense of freedom. This may cause your partner to cling even tighter to the relationship, pushing you further away. Try to have a more grounded approach to love and recognize that there is a different, more stabilizing, sense of freedom that comes from being in the right relationship.

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5. Libra

Known for being as charming as they are indecisive, Libras are tough because it’s so easy to fall in love with them and you never quite know where you stand. Libras tend to get love drunk easily, but that’s because they fall in love with the idea of love more than the actual person. The combination of your indecisiveness and idealism can cause you to easily change your mind about a partner and leave before they even know what happened. Libras are terrified of being alone which can cause them to couple up with incompatible people, end the relationship, jump into a new one, and the cycle continues until they get a handle on it and can approach love from a healthier perspective.

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