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5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Love Bomb You

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What is love bombing, exactly? It’s when someone tries to influence you by demonstrating attention and affection. Love bombing comes in many forms, such as showering you with gifts, singing your praises, or devoting all their time to you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, it sounds wonderful! Sometimes it’s innocent; the love bomber may be truly excited to have found their match. But more often, it is part of an abusive cycle and intended to make you dependent on the person who loves bombing you. So, which zodiac signs are most likely to love bombs, you know to watch out for them in a new relationship? Here are the five-star signs that frequently love bombs and why they do it.

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, meaning it is the youngest or most spiritually immature sign. Aries people possess a certain childlike wonder and innocence that can be very endearing. But, like a toddler, they can also be impatient and demanding.

Aries people also tend to move quickly in relationships. They want to skip the tedious “getting to know you” phase and get straight to the exciting and comfortable stage of dating. Aries people will love to bomb you because they are genuinely excited about you. Unfortunately, they lose interest quickly, too. Once they have given you all the attention and affection you could hope for, they suddenly stop calling. Look out for the Aries love bomber, and enter the relationship slowly.

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Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are known for being sensitive and emotional. As the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer is also the youngest or most spiritually immature water sign. So, while they feel their feelings very deeply, Cancer people have a childlike understanding of their emotions and reactions.

They love to bomb you because they are true romantics who love being in love. They treat you like a king or queen at first because they think that’s what their partner deserves. But once the initial excitement fades away, they realize they are more into the idea of being in a “soulmate” level relationship than they are actually into you. The Cancer love bomber will retreat into their shell and ditch you once they realize their feelings got the best of them and they were blinded by love. This might make you feel like you didn’t live up to their expectations, but their expectations were never based on reality to begin with.

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Leo is perhaps the zodiac sign most likely to love the bomb out of them all. As the sign that rules the heart, Leos is extremely passionate and romantic. They give their all to anything they do, including dating. As the star sign is represented by the lion, Leos enjoys chasing a potential partner like a lion stalking its prey.

Leos are very generous, and love bombing makes them feel good – they like giving their partner over-the-top gifts, compliments, and lavish gestures. But Leos needs to keep that fun initial spark to stay interested. Once things settle down and the magic is gone, they are ready to move on.

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Scorpio rules the eighth house, the house of intimacy and merging. This means that Scorpios crave love and a lasting partnership more than anything. And, as a sensitive water sign, falling in love is a profound emotional experience for them.

But Scorpios are naturally suspicious and untrusting, so it’s a big deal when they find someone worthy of their romantic interest. They love to bomb you because they are scared you will slip through their fingers. But if you let a Scorpio down even once, they are done with you. When you do anything to shatter the image of you they had in their head or break their trust (even with a small white lie), they won’t forgive you.

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Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, fantasy, and dreams, making it the dreamiest zodiac sign. Pisces people are sweet and sensitive, and they always have their heads in the clouds. They are also quite romantic – when someone catches their eye, their love interest becomes their greatest obsession.

Pisces people love bombs because they think they have found “the one” – the problem is, they ignore obvious red flags or incompatibilities at the beginning of the relationship. They want so desperately to be in love that they wear rose-colored glasses and ignore any problems. They love nurturing their partner and showering them with excessive gifts and compliments, and they want to spend all their time together.

But then, something happens to shatter Pisces’ illusion – they finally spot a bright red flag they can’t ignore, or their attention moves on to someone else. As soon as the fantasy becomes mundane, they lose interest and stop love-bombing you. Pisces is looking for the partner of their dreams – and they will only stay invested as long as the relationship feels like a fairytale

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