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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Hardest To Say ‘I Love You’

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It is hard for you to believe that love will last, even if everything goes extremely well. It is not that you do not feel them, although you like to do so.

You actually want to say it because you believe in authenticity.

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But you bite your tongue because you don’t like to admit how much something means to you, as long as you’re not sure it’s not a waste of time.

You almost always expect everything to fall apart, so you don’t know if you should bother at all.


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You know yourself well and know when to fall in love with someone.

Although you’re not the type to gloss over things, you have a picture in your mind of how this conversation should go – and it has to be perfect.

You want to make sure that the timing is right, that you two agree, and that there are no major warning signs that could change your mind. In the end, you worry too much and wait for the right moment to finally take the next step.


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Much would assume that your passionate and romantic nature means that you would have no problems with it at all, but there is always more to you than you can see with the naked eye.

Even if all sorts of feelings are raging in your chest, you are always reserved with people.

You may learn everything about her and still won’t let her know much about you.

Saying that you love someone, whether you take the first step or answer, shows serious vulnerability – which you always struggle with. Even if you really want to say the three words, you’re still struggling to be so open with another person.


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You are not used to having such strong feelings for someone, and even if it makes you a little nervous, it is not necessarily what is holding you back.

You are definitely someone who is very used to your rhythm and your need for freedom, so even if things are going great with someone, you ask yourself whether it is worth taking this next step.

Saying that you love someone is no small thing and nothing to just throw around – you know that it is weighty. You have to honestly believe it’s worth it before you’re ready to say those words – and even then it can be a challenge.


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You are not someone who has trouble falling in love – and why should you? Falling in love is exciting and positive and full of opportunities.

You are not even afraid to express interest in someone for whom you feel this, but it is more difficult for you to say it out loud.

You know that telling someone that you love them is great, but it gives the relationship a more serious touch.

You prefer to keep things light-hearted and playful; so even if you want to say that you are in love, you are struggling with whether this gives what you have a more serious weight.

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