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The 5 zodiac signs that cling extremely

There is a bit of attachment in every respect – problems only arise when you get the feeling that your partner is clutching your legs and you can no longer move.

As soon as the limit is exceeded, the feeling of suffocation begins.


This sign has something of an emotional roller coaster; if you pay attention to them, they may think you’ve fallen in love with them – they may even start dreaming of wedding bells, children, and a well-planned future.

Twins fall in love so quickly – and as they change their minds, it may not always be you who they are in love with. Confused, they try to hold on to you and you get the feeling that running away is your only option.


Crayfish are loyal and reliable, and when they fall in love, they give themselves completely – they don’t know how to love otherwise.

If you don’t feel the same, prepare for a barrage of questions: why, what’s wrong, why can’t you love him that way – the questions are endless, and with each question they dig deeper and deeper until you are alive Feel buried.


This sign is a perfectionist who pays attention to every single detail, and that applies to relationships too – it’s like analyzing every word you say and every move you make.

Virgins tend to be burdock because they assume that their chosen partner embodies perfection and that they, as perfectionists, do not want to lose that perfection. Man, they almost sound like the Borg!


Oh, our “drama queen” of the zodiac. Aquarius will cling to you so tightly that it feels like a leech sucking you out.

Aquarians tend to be hysterical and screaming just to get your attention and they just don’t let up. Once they are tied to you, it is very difficult to get rid of them.


Fish know how clingy they are – and being so is a choice they have made. You have no intention of changing that.

You’re just wasting your time telling them you don’t act like that – they already know that. They provoke drama when they feel threatened by your loss – they know that this is a risk, and also a calculated one: either you stay or you go, and when you go, they just find someone else to whom they go can cling.

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