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5 Zodiac Signs Who Always Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy

1. Virgo

When Virgos fall in love, they think they have found the loves of their lives.

They don’t think about anything else but about satisfying their loved one, and in all that mess, they forget their own feelings.

Since they are blinded by the love they feel, they can’t see any other traits that their partner has.

In most cases, they don’t see that their partners are using them and taking them for granted.

In the end, they feel disappointed, but despite that fact, they never learn to control their feelings, and they make the same mistake over and over again.

2. Gemini

A Gemini is someone who feels very deeply, and when Geminis fall in love, they believe it is for their whole life. But, unfortunately, they are wrong.

Most men just want to use them and throw them away like they are nothing.

But an emotional Gemini doesn’t always see that, and in most cases, Geminis fall for the wrong guy.

In their relationships, they always go the extra mile but do not get anything in return.

They are the ones who try all the time, work on improvements and do everything for their loved one, but the people they are with don’t see that.

In the end, they get cheated on or rejected, but they never change too much, and they are always the ones who end up being hurt.

3. Cancer

This zodiac sign is one of the most emotional and sensitive of all zodiac signs. They can fall in love every day with a new person, and they believe that every time they do, it is true love.

Every single time they feel that they have found the right one, but it never turns out to be like that.

This zodiac sign is someone who has been hurt so many times, but they are never afraid to give their hearts to someone new.

They are people who have so much love to give, but unfortunately, they always find the wrong men.

4. Aquarius

This sign is someone who loves to be in love, but unfortunately, that lasts for only a short amount of time.

When they feel they have finally found the right one and that life finally makes some sense, it turns out that they have been cheated on.

They can’t be happy in love no matter what they do, and they always end up with the wrong ones.

Their problem is that they believe all that they hear, so it is easy to make them believe in something—especially if they are in love.

Their biggest wish is to find someone to settle down with, and they never give up hope.

5. Pisces

This sign has a different idea of love, and that is why they always fall for the wrong guys.

Pisces are sensitive, emotional and quite sensual, and you can win them over if you just pay a little bit more attention to them.

For them, the small things matter the most, and when they fall in love, they forget all the people around them and focus only on one person.

That’s why they end up hurt, without anyone to comfort them.

But no matter how many times their hearts get broken, they still believe in true love and hope that the right one will show up.

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