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5 Zodiac Duos With The Best Banter

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Aries + Leo

Aries and Leo make for a hilarious duo. Along with their fierce nature, these two have similar senses of humor and tend to enjoy sarcasm. They’ll constantly poke fun at the other and make the funniest faces. In Aries, Leo finds their best friend. And in Leo, Aries finds their equal and ultimate confidant.

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Pisces + Virgo

With Pisces, Virgo finds someone they can let loose with. Due to the water sign’s soft nature, Virgo can trust Pisces — and they feel comfortable enough to let out their humorous side. Together, their laughs become vibrant and infectious.

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Capricorn + Cancer

These two know how to make each other smile. Once Capricorn and Cancer get to know each other, they’ll realize they have a similar sense of humor. Along with a similar sense of sarcasm, they’ll poke fun at scenarios like getting stuck in traffic or forgetting someone’s name.

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Aquarius + Gemini

These two share the quirkiest, wittiest humor a duo could possess. Both intelligent and fun, Aquarius and Gemini know how to stimulate the other with as much clever banter as possible. They think similarly and will tend to get each other’s jokes.

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Taurus + Scorpio

Like Capricorn and Cancer, these two find humor in life’s inconveniences. Both practical and logic-driven, they enjoy each other’s witty (and sometimes biting) remarks. Along with roasting the other regularly, they share a trust strengthened via humor. In Scorpio, Taurus finds someone they can let their hair down with. And in Taurus, Scorpio finds someone who can make them smile every day.

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