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5 Truths About Giving Your Heart To A Leo Woman

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Leo is like that, he has a majestic look, the kind that pierces the depths of your emotions. It is subtle, it is impregnated in your thoughts, in your breathing, in the crazy desire to want to spend every second by its side. It is a sign of fire, that does not yield, it fights to the tears and even if it falls, it gets up again. However,there are 5 truths about giving your heart to a Leo woman. 

Behind a unique smile, perfectionism, so bright, hides a peculiar soul, the one that can make you touch the sky and explode your heart. She is shy at first, she does not go around opening her emotions with anyone, she is demanding, she likes the good things in life and she does not want to waste time in nonsense, in relationships that only leave one crack after another.

Give your heart to Leo 

Leo is fair, she is attentive, she respects you and she has a passion that makes the sheets of your entire life shake. It is demanding, if you do not have the courage to commit, love and want to make it your priority, it is better that you look the other way. He has wit in every word and a creative spirit that takes away all your fears. She is the one with the gift of making you smile when life weighs on you the most. Did you fall in love with Leo? You have to know these truths:

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5.- Stubborn and a little more

Leo is a woman of her word, she likes her actions to be noticed. She is an extremely proud woman, she is ready to fight, because she has fire in her pores and when she does not agree on something, she speaks her arguments without filters. She likes to be noticed and can lose control when she knows that she is telling the truth and they are told a liar, she trusts what she feels and what she does. Leo is stubborn because he does not allow himself to be manipulated by anyone, but even with a high ego he is able to recognize his mistakes, it is difficult for him but he does it.

4.- A bit selfish

Yes, when you meet a Leo woman in your life you may refer to her as a selfish being, because she knows very well what she wants. Because she is honest according to her convictions and has no filters to say things, that can be hurtful to some. But that’s what Leo is like, a woman who has had a hard time having all her things, no one has given her anything and now she enjoys when someone admires her , it reassures her to know that they recognize her effort, what is wrong with that?

3.- A girl inside

Without a doubt, Leo is going to give you the most beautiful laughs of your life. She is a woman who knows very well how to joke, she likes to become a girl when she plays with her partner. It can be as sweet as it is evil. He even laughs at his own mistakes, his energy is felt for miles and he does not need to hurt others, teasing is not in his day to day. Just put aside prejudices and fears to let your imagination run wild. She is the one who breaks the rules, the one who enjoys, the one who loves, the one who leaves a mark on your life.

2.- He detests hypocrisies

If you are going to give your heart to a Leo woman , you have to know that they cannot stand hypocrisy, they detest when they are paid false compliments or with double intentions. Leo feels the bad vibe long before the person is around. She is very analytical, paying attention to gestures, tones of voice and any other signals. He prefers to put distance before falling into the game of appearances. She is an intelligent woman, enjoys her solitude and does not need friends for commitment.

1.- Brutal in home

Someone had to say it, giving your heart to a Leo woman is synonymous with the fact that you will have your best relationship under the covers . He is the one who pays attention to each movement, who seeks synchronicity. It elevates you, makes you feel everything and gives you the confidence of being you in home. Without masks, with fantasies, with a dark and sweet side, necessary to achieve maximum satisfaction. Leo is the woman you will remember in the future while biting your lip.

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