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The 5 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples (That Shouldn’t Be Together)

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Leo and Cancer are perfect for each other in theory, but in practice, things are not as shiny as they appear to be.

They have that natural chemistry that draws them to each other, but the reality behind that is ugly.

Leos want to be in a relationship in which they feel safe—they crave security. On the other hand, Cancers want a serious connection with their partners expressed by true and deep emotions.

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This leads their relationship to be the best you’ve seen at its peak, and the worst possible you can imagine at its lowest point.

Leos are critical because they are honest and Cancers take all that criticism way too seriously, so they get offended easily.

They don’t even need to show their partners they are hurting, but believe me—they are.

After some time, Cancers start developing an aggressive side of their personality because they’ve been holding their emotions in for too long. That’s when the relationship is going to blow up.


This combination doesn’t work because of its similarity.

These two signs are too similar to each other and the reason why their relationship won’t work is that they see their own flaws in their partner—it’s as if they are looking in a mirror.

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Both of them are strong-willed and suckers for romance. However, Taurus’s loyalty is too much for fun and social Libra, while Libra’s need to be right all the time is driving Taurus crazy as hell.

For them, it’s really hard to compromise and their lives won’t be happy ones if they have even the slightest disagreement.

In time, this relationship will end, no doubt.

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It’s even completely logical for these two signs NOT to be together ever because they don’t have anything in common.

Cancers are stay-at-home types of people who are completely devoted to their partners and they usually do everything together while Sagittarius are everything but stay-at-home types.

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They are explorers and they like challenges. They live to travel and explore new places—completely opposite to Sagittarius.

Due to this huge difference, they still love each other, but deep inside they know it’s not going to be good for the long run—the relationship will crack eventually.

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Pisces are too selfish when it comes to relationships—they are selfish in the way they want you all to themselves.

On the other hand, Geminis are adventurous and they have a lot of energy—the important thing is that Pisces don’t want to follow Gemini’s example and if a Gemini changes plans at the last minute, Pisces will be left with a broken heart.

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Pisces are usually very sentimental and they read too deeply into things you might have said or done recklessly.

So, Pisces end up hurting. Geminis need someone who will keep up with their energy level and Pisces are definitely not the right choice.


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If you are looking for a fight, choose this combination, by all means.

Your relationship will last for some time, but soon enough, it will go down in flames—spectacularly.

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Scorpios are the most s-ual and most mysterious sign of the Zodiac and they like to be in charge which is a total ‘no-no’ for Aries because they are the ones who take charge and call all the shots in their relationships.

Both signs are extremely passionate so they clash. And not to mention their stubbornness which is equally divided—and we all know that leads to extremely passionate and heavy fights which in the long run, lead to a nasty breakup.

Scorpios are really a handful because of their tempers so it’s better for them to find someone who can and want to handle them.

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