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5 toxic pairs of zodiac signs that should not be together

Some zodiac signs are better not to partner with each other. Because as you probably already know, each zodiac sign has its own individual characteristics. Some constellations, therefore, fit better and others lead to quarrels. In this article, we tell you which zodiac signs you shouldn’t find each other.


Theoretically, Leo and Cancer go perfectly together, but in practice, things are not as shiny as they seem. They inherently have this chemistry between them that magically attracts each other, but the reality behind them is ugly. Both zodiac signs actually expect similar things from their relationship.

Lions want to be in a relationship where they feel safe – they crave support and understanding. On the other hand, crabs want to establish a serious connection with their partners in which they can express their true and deep emotions.

As a result, their relationship is the best when it is at its peak and the worst when it is at its lowest. Because both zodiac signs have different characteristics.

The relationship is critical because lions are honest and crabs take all of these things too seriously so they can easily be offended. They may not even show their partners that they are hurt, but believe me – they are.

After a while, crabs develop an aggressive side in their personality because they keep their emotions in memory for too long. Then the relationship will explode and might end with a loud bang. If both zodiac signs are not ready to work on their behavior, this constellation can, unfortunately, have no future.


This combination does not work due to the similarity. Because these two zodiac signs are just too similar and the reason why their relationship doesn’t work is that they see their own mistakes at their partner – it’s like looking in a mirror.

Both are strong-willed and passionate. However, the loyalty of the bull is too much for the funny and social Libra. In addition, all bullishness of the scales is too much for the bull, so that it can really get him mad.

It is really difficult for both star oaks to compromise, and their lives will not be easy if they have the slightest disagreement. Over time, this relationship will no doubt end. Therefore, you should carefully consider from the start whether you should try this constellation.


In fact, it is perfectly logical that these two characters do NOT match because they have nothing in common.

Crayfish are people who stay at home and devote themselves entirely to their partners. They usually do everything together while shooters are anything but at home. They are explorers and they like challenges. They live to travel and explore new places – in contrast to shooting.

Because of this big difference, they still love each other, but deep down they know that it won’t be good in the long run – the relationship will break at some point. It is only a matter of time before one leaf and leaves the other alone.


Pisces is too selfish when it comes to relationships. They are selfish because they want to have their partner for themselves. This conflicts with the personality of the twin. On the other hand, twins are adventurous and have a lot of energy. The most important thing is that fish don’t want to follow the twins’ example, and if a twin changes his plans at the last minute, the fish has a broken heart.

Fish are usually very sentimental and take things that you might have said or done carelessly too seriously. Because they often interpret too much into things. That is why the couple cannot last long. This constellation hurts in the end, no matter how you turn it. Twins need someone to keep up with their energy, and fish are definitely not the right partners for it.


If you are looking for constant quarrels, you should definitely choose this combination. Your relationship will go well for some time, but soon it will go up in flames, spectacularly. Unfortunately, only a separation helps in the end.

Scorpions are the most s*xual and mysterious sign of the zodiac and they like to take command, which cannot work for Aries. Because they too like to take command and want to make as many decisions as possible in their relationships.

Both characters are extremely passionate and therefore collide in every way. And not to mention her stubbornness. We all know that this will lead to extremely problematic battles that, in the long run, can only lead to the couple falling apart again.

Apart from that, scorpions are really exhausting due to their minds. Therefore, it is better for them to find someone who can and wants to deal with them.

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