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5 Things You Can Expect When Jupiter Stations Direct This Weekend

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The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter resides five planets away from the sun and exerts influence over the collective as well as our individual lives.

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Astronomically speaking, Jupiter plays a very significant role. Its huge gravitational force provides a protective force that deflects asteroids and comets from hitting the earth.

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Even when this gas giant goes retrograde, it doesn’t stop bringing luck into our lives. It just slows the process of success down, allowing us more time to plan before putting our dreams into action. For those of us who are naturally a little too impulsive, Jupiter retrograde can be a blessing in disguise.

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On May 16th, 2023, the era of the lucky girl began when Jupiter entered the sign of Taurus, known for its lush and verdant energy. Luxury, glamor, and indulgence were heightened—and many individuals with prominent earth energy in their birth charts became significantly wealthier.

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However, not all about this transit was positive. It also caused a shift in our attitudes towards everything correlated with wealth, farmland, food, forestry, and luxury. When Jupiter stationed retrograde in September, our luck didn’t necessarily run out—but it did change our relationships to food, finances, and frugality. We learned patience, that stubbornly Taurean trait, while our dreams took a while to manifest in the background.

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All of that waiting is over now. On December 30th, just before the new year, Jupiter will finally station direct again, pushing us forward into a more optimistic period. Blessings that were delayed due to the retrograde are now likely to come flooding in.

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Jupiter will remain in Taurus until the end of May 2024, so we have quite a few vibrant green months ahead of us. Here are a few things you can expect.

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There will be growing distrust about traditional banking and farming

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Many people became concerned, even paranoid, about such things when Jupiter first entered Taurus. The power and influence held by large banks and corporations will continue to trouble the masses, while farmers across the world will be held in higher regard for the work they do and the invaluable food products they provide.

Fears about scarcity will conflict with hope for abundance

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Apocalyptic fears will not go away. Rather, they’ll likely increase, as food shortages and the rising cost of living shakes people out of complacency. Some people will be triggered by fear, seeking solace in conspiratorial prepper movements, while others will be motivated into action by hope for a better world.

We’ll continue to appreciate the finer things

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Did you treat yourself this past year? If you have any prominent earth placements in your birth chart, you likely found yourself attracting wealth more easily. While the retrograde period might have forced you to save rather than splurge, now that Jupiter is direct, you’ll be able to pull the trigger on that expensive piece of jewelry you’ve had bookmarked for a rainy day. While we might start spending more on luxury items, we’ll do so with greater awareness of the ROI—choosing chic designer staples over poorly made microtrends, for instance.

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Sustainability will take center stage

Many companies started phasing out plastic straws and bags during 2023, as Jupiter in Taurus made us more conscientious about our impact on the planet. With an increasing number of young adults citing sustainability and transparency as major factors in their purchasing decisions, the trend does not seem to be going anywhere. We’ll still be buying eco-conscious products, shopping small, and reusing everything we can in 2024.

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We’ll reap what we’ve been sowing

At the global and individual level, we’ll receive our just rewards—some bountiful, some bittersweet. You’ll experience the fruits of your labor now. If you’ve been toiling hard and putting in the work, you’ll find a blossoming garden. If you’ve been greedily hoarding resources, you might see them slip through your fingers.

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