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5 Concrete Ways To Win A Libra’s Love

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It’s not difficult to be charmed by a Libra. They’re stylish, sophisticated, and good at working a crowd. They know how to get what they want, whether that’s a specific person, a job, or the latest designer brand all over their Pinterest board. They’re often misrepresented as vain, but they’re really just aesthetes; they see no reason why the world shouldn’t be as beautiful as they envision it.

If you’re courting a Libra for the first time and trying to navigate this new experience, here are five seemingly small ways you can keep them in your good books. Keep in mind, they’re not likely to confront you if they’re upset, so if you want to avoid being ghosted, it’s important to know exactly how the Libra mind operates.

Give them time to process their emotions.

Unlike the fast-talking Gemini and the idealist Aquarius, Libra is an air sign with a bit of caution built in. They often prefer to think, not speak—or at least think before they speak, lest they offend someone. It takes Libra a while to organize their thoughts, and they won’t contribute much to the conversation until they’ve found what they believe to be the right words. Their naturally diplomatic approach doesn’t mean they’re emotionless. On the contrary, they feel so much they don’t want to intensify the experience by reacting on instinct.

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Allow them space when they need it.

As the peacekeepers of the zodiac, it’s rare that you’ll hear a Libra raise their voice unless they’re absolutely pushed to their limit. When they’re feeling hurt, their instinct is to self-isolate. They’re not freezing you out; they’re just very conflict-averse. Respect their self-preservation instinct and allow them the solitude they need until they’re ready to come to you. As a cardinal air sign, Libra is not afraid to initiate—but it might take them a bit longer than you’re used to.

Step up and make the decision.

Ask a Libra why they’re so indecisive and you’re likely to get a shrug in response. They truly don’t know. To the uninitiated, this might seem baffling: everyone must have a preference, after all. But if you ask your Libra honestly, they’ll tell you that they rarely have strong feelings one way or the other. In fact, they’ll appreciate it if you take the lead and make the choice for them. They’ll be happy either way. On the rare occasion they do have their mind made up about something, they’ll let you know.

Buy them nice things.

Exchanging gifts is a Libra’s love language. When they’re in the honeymoon stage, there is nothing a Libra loves more than being able to wear a piece of jewelry or clothing that was purchased for them by their partner. The two hallmarks of a Libra are their appreciation for luxury and their love for other people, so when the two collide in such a romantic way, they start swooning. You don’t necessarily have to surprise them with a Cartier watch. They’ll appreciate a heartfelt gift that they can display in their home, too, like a watercolor painting or a handwritten love letter.

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Let them show you off.

As the sign naturally ruling the seventh house of partnerships, there is nothing Libras love more than being in relationship with others. They want to be seen with someone they love on their arm. As naturally social as they are, they’re going to drag you along with them to parties and events, but they won’t leave you stranded while they go schmooze. They’ll want you by their side the whole night so you can share in the experience. And maybe they’ll brag about you a little bit, too.

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