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4 Zodiacs You Don’t Want To Cross at Work

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There’s no kind of drama like work drama. If you’re thinking of messing with an annoying co-worker, check their Sun sign. If your intended victim is any one of these four zodiacs, change your plans. Because the last thing you want to do is tangle with these badasses.

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People born under the sign of the Twins are equal parts dark and light. When it comes to the office, this zodiac is great at showing their sunny side…until they are crossed. At that point, this sign’s barbed wit and scheming mind come into play. Never underestimate Gemini’s ability to make your life miserable. The smile they flash, as they destroy your professional reputation, is truly chilling.

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There’s no better co-worker than a Leo who can radiate their warmth throughout the workplace. When the office turns toxic, though, it’s another story. Bullies, sexual harassers, and blowhards will get a shock when this zodiac calls them on their nonsense and walks out the door. At that point, Leo’s fans will follow suit, and possibly form a successful rival company.

You should never, ever cross Scorpio under any circumstances. People who mess with this zodiac at work are in for an indescribable level of pain. When the Scorpion is threatened in any way, they’ll throw out their stinger in the form of an angry tirade. To add insult to injury, this confrontation will happen in a public place and might even appear on social media, to the embarrassment of the target.

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Nobody is more irritated by incompetence, disrespect, and ignorance than the Capricorn. Be prepared to have your butt handed to you after expressing a dumb idea to the Goat. Not only will your suggestion be ridiculed, but you’ll hear a detailed list of every other dumb thing you’ve done at work. If there’s anyone who can turn an arrogant co-worker into a quivering mass of insecurity, it’s this zodiac.

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