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4 Zodiacs Without A Mean Bone In Their Bodies

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Some zodiacs walk through this world spreading kindness, even when others have been cruel to them. They are able to keep a positive mindset and treat everyone the way they would want to be treated because they believe others deserve basic decency. Here are the zodiacs without a mean bone in their bodies:

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You might take a while to warm up to new people, but you are always respectful and polite to strangers. You treat everyone you meet with kindness because it’s in your nature. You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself for hurting someone else on accident, let alone on purpose. You are the type of person who walks through this world with a smile on your face, even when you’re hurting, because you want to help others in a way you wish you were being helped. You genuinely care about the people surrounding you. It’s not an act. Your heart is just that big. Big enough to fit every single person you meet.


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It doesn’t matter how many times others hurt you. It doesn’t matter what a terrible mood you’re in or how badly you want to be left alone. You always show others kindness and respect. You always take the high road instead of stooping to other people’s level. You don’t see the point in setting out for revenge or belittling others. You know what it feels like to be looked down on, and you would never want to make anyone else feel that way. You would rather spread joy. You would rather cause laughter and smiles. Your goal is to make a positive impact on everyone you meet, so you would never dream of hurting them.


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Libra, you are one of the kindest signs in the zodiac. You are always thinking of others and reaching out to help them. You would do absolutely anything for the people you consider family – and even for complete strangers you meet on the street. You don’t have the heart to be cruel. You don’t see the point in it. You feel like everyone in the world is in this thing together. We should be there for each other and uplift each other. You would never purposely bring someone down, even if they deserved it. Sometimes, you are too kind for your own good, but you would rather stay soft and sweet than harden yourself. That isn’t the type of person you want to be.


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Pisces, you don’t have a mean bone in your body. Even when someone is treating you terribly, it’s hard for you to walk away from them or stay angry with them because you see the situation from their side. You understand where they’re coming from, even when they’re wrong or misguided. Your huge heart makes it hard to hate anyone. While it’s beautiful that you’re able to step into other people’s shoes and give them the benefit of the doubt, you need to remember it’s healthy to set boundaries and stand up for yourself. You don’t want to let others take advantage of your kindness. They might not have the same heart that you do.

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