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4 Zodiacs With Titanium Hearts

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Some people are born with hard hearts and others end up hardening their hearts over time, after getting hurt by exes and others they thought they could trust. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with having a protective coating over your heart. You just need to learn when it’s okay to let down those walls. Here are the zodiacs with titanium hearts:

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You have a titanium heart that has been hardened over the years. In the past, you allowed others to walk over you without raising a single complaint. You were way too accommodating to their needs, even though they couldn’t care less about yours. But time has changed your attitude. It has made you much more cautious about who you let into your heart. Now, you keep most people at an arm’s length when you first meet them because you aren’t sure whether they are going to hurt you like the people from your past. You want to triple check that they are going to treat you right before you give them more access to you. You want to feel confident that they would never betray you, that they are worth the time and effort.

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You have a titanium heart that is hard to break through. It takes time and effort to get to know you because you are a vault early on in friendships and relationships. You aren’t going to show strangers your vulnerable side. You aren’t going to give them ammo they could potentially use to hurt you before you know whether you can truly trust them. You have always been careful about who you let into your inner circle because you know how cruel some people can be, even if they seem harmless at first. You would rather be too cautious than too nice and too open. You would rather protect your heart than leave it exposed and vulnerable. It’s not because you’re cruel. It’s because you’re trying not to get burnt again.

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You aren’t going to let anyone into your heart on accident. When you fall for someone, it’s intentional. You will only let them in when you feel like you can fully trust them because you aren’t going to risk getting hurt by someone sketchy. You aren’t going to let down your guard for just anyone. You have a titanium heart that keeps out anyone that mistreats you or makes you wonder about their true intentions. You aren’t going to apologize for how hard it is to get to know you. You are this way because you love and respect yourself. Because you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Because you are protective of your heart after having it hurt by so many people in the past.

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You have a titanium heart that is impenetrable for most people. It’s rare for you to decide someone is deserving of getting to know the real you. You are highly selective about who you open up to because you are trying to keep your heart safe and sound. You are trying to avoid putting yourself in dangerous positions. Sometimes, this can make you appear cold, but you’re really one of the nicest people anyone could meet. They just won’t know that unless you want them to know that, unless you decide they are worthy of a chance.

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