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4 Zodiacs With The Most Crushes

They’re the moony-eyed ones. The dreamy people who love love and can’t help but fall for everyone they see. They’ve got a roster a mile long of people they’re SO close to asking out. We’re talking about the four zodiac signs who have the most crushes. They’re always falling for at least one person, if not a whole host of romantic hopefuls. Are you on this list?


Not only do you seem to have a large stable of crushes at any given time–from your best friend to the barista at your favorite coffee shop–but you have so many people crushing on you, too. It’s the dream that those lists overlap, and they often do. Maybe that’s why you have such a hard time choosing who to date in the end? You have so many prospects! Either way, half the fun is having the crush, and you have plenty of those.


You’re the most relationship-centric sign of the zodiac, which means you’re rarely single. Whether you’re coupled-up or not, you likely have so many people you’re crushing on. They could be simple crushes that you don’t actually want to pursue or the kinds of crushes that could last your whole life if you let them. That’s probably why you don’t stay single for long after a breakup–you already have at least a few people waiting in the wings.


Honestly, you don’t understand people who don’t have crushes on everyone. What’s the fun in that? Even if you have no actual plans of ever asking the person out, it’s still fun to flirt or fantasize about a chance encounter. It’s that adventurous and fun side of you that has built up such a big roster of crushes. Heck, you probably have crushes all over the world if you’re the stereotypical traveling Sagittarius.


Oh, the dreamy Pisces. Your imagination is full of all sorts of fantasies, and often the limerence of your many crushes is front and center. You’ll have a crush for every mood or every part of your day-to-day life. You float from one place to the next, imagining elaborate scenarios for how you could get together. Some crushes are serious while others are just there to pass the time–and they all have a piece of your heart

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