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4 Zodiacs With Pure Intentions

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Summing up a person’s inner character presents several unique challenges. As beings of almost infinite complexity, an individual’s character often eludes clear-cut distinctions, refusing to fall into neat categories that explain who they are, what they want, and what the motivations behind their actions might be.

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With some astrological signs, however, it’s easy to note how distinctly selfless a select number of people are in their daily lives. Possessing a luminous exterior that radiates warmth wherever they turn, these signs demonstrate unwavering love, dedication, and purity in almost everything they do, enriching everyone’s lives around them for the better.


If there are two things you hate, it’s conflict or sudden shifts that upend the status quo. A dedicated homebody who enjoys the tranquility of a stable home life, you’re the kind of person who goes along to get along, doing whatever you can to preserve the peace. Once an argument does break out, you’re constantly inserting yourself in the center of it, doing your best to play the judicious peacemaker while validating every side of the conversation in question.

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You may appear somewhat unknowable on the surface, but deep down, you harbor a very romantic view of the world, idolizing everyone in it. An emotional sponge in the most fitting sense of the word, you’ve always had a habit of absorbing other people’s feelings, sympathizing with their sorrows, and sharing their victories with them. A dependable source of support for every one of your friends, you’re always ready to supply a shoulder to cry on whenever your loved ones need it most.

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Forever characterized by your buoyant reserve of energy, you’re able to inject humor and optimism in the most hopeless or dire of situations. If your friend’s recuperating from a bad breakup, you’re the first person to head over to their house, encouraging them to embark on a last-minute trip somewhere to forget their woes. As a child, if one of your classmates dropped their ice cream cone, you immediately offered yours in return. To you, life is meant to be celebrated, not something to despair at. As a result, you take special care to maximize the positive and minimize the negative, a trait that exponentially benefits everyone in your life.

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Whereas some people are glaglass-half-full glaglass-half-emptynd of people, you’re the kind of person to marvel that there’s even a guess at all. To you, simply being alive is a gift we should all appreciate, with every aspect of life (both the good and the bad) worthy of celebration. While others might despair at a traumatic event in life, you somehow find a way to reframe it in a more positive light. If you lose your job, you choose to see it as a learning experience, believing a better opportunity lies ahead. If a romance simmers out after a few bad dates, you view it as a sign you weren’t meant to be together in the first place, saving you from unnecessary heartbreak in the long run

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