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4 Zodiacs Whose Love Lives Will Overcome an Obstacle This Summer

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Taurus, your love life overcomes a Pythagorean obstacle this summer. You’ve found yourself smack dab in the middle of a love triangle you have no desire to be in. You are looking for a love that occurs organically, something that doesn’t feel forced, and you have been second-guessing your feelings because things aren’t unraveling more smoothly. You know that three’s a crowd, and your instincts aren’t wrong. But once this extra person is removed from the equation this summer, you will have to really dig deep and explore these feelings further. Are you afraid to acknowledge how serious this relationship is getting because you’re afraid of getting hurt? Have you not spoken up because you don’t want to be rejected? When those fears are abated, it will be time for you to show what you’re really made of.

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The obstacle your love life overcomes this summer, Virgo, is your mouth. You are quick to vent your frustrations and can be overkill at times with the object of your affections. You want to be with someone who knows to give you the benefit of the doubt, who knows when you say things you don’t mean, but you can’t expect them to catch on unless you’re willing to make this known. You have to explain yourself a little bit if you ever want others to truly know you inside out. When you swallow your pride and dial it back a little bit, you will find the trust and partnership you’ve been searching for. When you treat a potential partner like someone who is capable of learning about you, when you invest the time into showing them all your sides, good and bad, they will learn to love you exactly as you are.

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Your love life overcomes the obstacle of a secret this summer, Scorpio. The thing that hasn’t made sense, the real reason you’re not together will finally be explained to you, Scorpio, and will likely come as a shock. This small piece of information, that someone has been purposefully hiding from you, possibly to save your feelings will rock your world. You may feel indignant, that it was your right to know the truth, that you would have chosen to do things differently had you understood the full breadth of the situation. Try not to dwell on these what-ifs for too long, or they will get in the way of you doing everything in your power to make things right in the here and now.

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You overcome the obstacle of malady this summer, Capricorn. You have to nurse yourself or your partner back to health. Whether the ailment is physical or mental, someone needs some TLC in your love life. The time, patience, attention, and care work wonders for your relationship. One or both of you has needed to feel nurtured and will especially appreciate the loyalty and dedication that is required to remain side by side during this time. You both prove you’re in this for the long haul, in good times and bad, and you find the silver lining in simply being together, no matter how bleak the situation may be. You learn there is nothing the two of you can’t overcome, as long as you are in it together.

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