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4 Zodiacs Whose Love Language is Quality Time

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Geminis value quality time as their love language category because they never have any time to begin with. It is virtually next to impossible to begin a relationship with them because they don’t have time for someone new in their existing routine. There is always an existing obligation. Suitors have to hunt them down, almost like a sales cold call, using any tactics necessary to score a meeting. Those who are lucky enough to secure a first date must demonstrate initiative and persistence to continue earning a Gemini’s time and attention. The time spent together has to impart a unique bond that nothing else in their lives provides them, they’re looking for partners to be their anchor and safe harbor to keep them grounded in spite of their tumultuously unstable lifestyles. Some Geminis are workaholics, some are social butterflies who never run out of energy, and some are running for president while opening a restaurant and learning to knit all in one. They need someone who can keep up, someone who can hold their interest, and who can plan experiences to be shared as a couple. Long conversations are a requirement. Geminis want to know what their partner is thinking so both can share each other’s points of view. Quality time is an endless game of “getting to know you” that they never stop wanting to play.

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Cancer craves quality time on an epic “childhood dog movie” level. There’s no insult intended in the comparison of humans to pets, they simply want that ride-or-die best friend who is always by their side and willing to look at each day as an adventure together. They want a partner who views the mundane everyday tasks we need to complete to get through the day as opportunities for the bond to deepen. Eating, sleeping, exercising, lounging. Everything and anything is an opportunity for quality time with the right person and the right outlook, and Cancers are looking for that level of commitment and loyalty. For the person who is going to be excited to see them every single time they walk in the door. For the person who loves them unconditionally. The person who can sense when they’re hurting. The person who lovingly nudges them awake when they’re reluctant to get out of bed and start the day. Cancers want companionship and the responsibility of taking care of someone other than themselves. They want to make memories that last a lifetime and have the pictures to prove it. They want the rainy days cooped up inside together, and the memorable excursions to explore the world around them. Someone who will match their enthusiasm for life with consistency.

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Virgos fall into the quality time category almost by process of elimination. They have enough self-affirmation to make it alone on a desert island for years without the need to be rescued by anyone. They don’t need you to do acts of service for them, but they won’t tolerate you making a mess in their freshly cleaned space. They save for their own gifts and probably have something tucked in their nightstand that checks the physical touch box just fine. A Virgo is the most self-sufficient sign on the planet, which is just another monumental reason that quality time reigns supreme in their love lives. They don’t need anyone, but they want to know that there’s someone out there who wants to be in their presence for an extended amount of time. Someone who sees them as something special, someone amazing, and most importantly, not “too much”. Virgos are so particular, it’s rare for them to reciprocate these feelings, to feel comfortable enough around someone to not be waiting for them to leave so they can vacuum any stray crumbs before bed. The quality part of quality time is also crucial. Virgos want to be with a partner that can put in as much work as they do, someone who never takes them for granted and is always looking for ways to keep connecting.

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Scorpios mistakenly get bucketed in the physical touch category, but those who know them well learn quickly that quality time is their true love language. While they’ll never give up their epithet as the most sensual sign of the zodiac, they’re much more interested in what comes after sex than the act itself. Scorpios live for cuddling and pillow talk, as long as it’s with the right partner. The messy hair and bad breath of facing someone first thing in the morning.

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That first sip of coffee or tea, breakfast in bed, listening to the news while doing the crossword together. They want more than anything to have someone to share in life’s simple pleasures with. They want to know that their company is valued and enjoyed, and find someone about whom they feel the same. Scorpios are suckers for holding hands in a movie theater, deciding what to order at a restaurant and getting everything to share, and sitting side by side while reading a book. They don’t need you to go over the top or drop a pile of money to impress them. They just want to feel wanted, and the biggest way you can show them is by demonstrating your desire for their presence. Making plans, anticipating something together, and sharing that excitement. It’s how they continue to feel bonded to you.

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