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4 Zodiacs Who Would Risk The Love Of Their Life Over A Grudge

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Aries will fight to the death, not in a murderous rampage kind of way, but a take a grudge to their grave kind of way. When they feel someone has truly wronged them, they hold onto old-school standards of revenge and respect. Only a sincere and meaningful apology can rectify the situation, and it will never come from them first. They draw a line in the sand, and will not cross it until the other party has completely humbled themselves toward them. Aries needs to maintain their own self-image before they need to maintain a relationship. Anyone who threatens their self-respect cannot receive any in return.

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Scorpios are always being compared to chess grandmasters, because of their tendency to plan four or five moves ahead and anticipate their rival’s moves, but sometimes they let someone else get the upper hand and see defeat is imminent. The difference between a Scorpio and a true grandmaster is that a grand master will admit defeat right there, in the moment, and a Scorpio will go full-blown ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’. They will dig their heels in and hold onto a grudge against their partner, even when it’s been made clear they’re in the wrong. At that point, it’s just a matter of principle, and their reputation is at stake, something they’ll never let go of.

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Virgos have the best memories in the world, and it contributes to their ability to hold a grudge for eternity. They know exactly what you did to warrant their ire, and then they have a whole back catalog of every flaw they’ve ever witnessed directly or heard secondhand, and it just contributes to the overall narrative of why they cannot make any concession for you until you literally beg for their forgiveness. No matter how many amazing things you’ve done, how in love the two of you are or have been, no matter for how long. This is just their MO as Virgos and you can either get on board or get out of their way. Even if it comes to a point where they are literally breaking their own heart over this grudge, it won’t change the outcome or how they choose to behave. Once they get on this track, they mustn’t shift their course no matter the cost.

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When Tauruses lock horns with someone, no matter how close, they often find themselves getting stuck with no exit in sight. The grudge becomes a prison from which they cannot leave, so their only option is to double down on the fight, no matter how trivial the reason. They’ll cling to their talking points, like a broken record, rehashing the same issues over and over again, instead of recognizing what’s at stake and everything they could lose in the process. They toss out the future they saw with their partners, all their plans, their hopes and dreams, and dig trenches to defend that grudge. Even when friends and family encourage them to drop the fight and try to salvage things, they won’t listen to advice. They are completely blinded by their own egos.

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