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4 Zodiacs Who Would Drop Everything For Love

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Virgos don’t want you to know they’ll drop everything for love—they’re very busy, very important, highly sought out, and on and on and on. They want you to be amazed when they drop everything for you, when they carve out time in their schedules to bring you your spare keys or rush your pet to the vet or pick up your dry cleaning ahead of that big presentation. They want to maintain a “cool” facade that says to the world that they can’t be bothered, and then cook you a five course meal like it’s no big deal and they’re not trying hard for you at all. They will give you the most special treatment in the world and act like nothing is out of the ordinary. They will sit around waiting for your call or text and then make up an excuse about how they were engrossed in a book or a show or at a happy hour that never existed and never will. They’re just so secretly sensitive and afraid of being hurt or disappointed that they’ll downplay all of their big, bold, rambunctious feelings until they are 110% sure you won’t be reckless or careless with them. Until they know you can be trusted.

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Pisces will drop everything for love because that’s just how they prioritize their lives. They’re always thinking about how they will feel on their deathbed when they find themselves at a crossroads of a monumental life decision. They know they’ll never be laying there lamenting the fact they never made it to an SVP or C-Suite title; they’ll never be wishing they had saved more money or had spent less time with friends. They know what would really ruin things is never following their heart, never telling someone how they feel, never fighting for the person they want most, not defending that relationship when it needed to be protected, never taking a jump or a risk or making a change to see where things could and would go. So they’ll do it. They’ll walk out of a class or a bar or a meeting, drop everything and race to the airport like it’s a rom com, move across the country and change jobs if it means a lifetime of love and partnership. The imaginary deathbed Pisces is in the back of their head begging them not to make a huge mistake. Whatever they’re leaving on the table cannot compare to true passionate and romantic love.

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Scorpios are down for the dirty jobs when it comes to love. They’ll come clean you up when you’re bent over the toilet with the flu, help you dig through the trash for that diamond earring you may have accidentally thrown away, walk you through something complex and tedious at the last moment, like paying your taxes or finding an emergency dentist. They are resourceful and devoted and genuinely love helping others. They often find a variety of ways to be of service both in and out of their romantic relationships. They know the importance of making their partners or potential partners feel like their number one priority. It’s part of their methods of seduction. You have a taste for ice cream? They’ll take you out for a sundae even though you’re both already in pajamas. No request is too much or too last minute. They are here to please. Nothing is too gross or embarrassing for them either. You can trust a Scorpio with the most personal of confessions, your medical records, your bank account. They truly are the most loyal sign of the zodiac. Just make sure you don’t betray them, because they don’t put in this kind of effort for anyone who will burn them.

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Cancers are have the self-confidence of a doomsday prepper without any of the creepiness. They are the Macgyvers you never knew you wanted or needed to date. There’s a first aid kit in their trunk, a blanket in case you get stranded in the cold, tire changing tools they actually know how to use, maybe some camping gear, any and everything you’d need in an emergency. And when it comes to love, it’s a siren-worthy cause in their eyes. They would give you the last dollar in their wallet or the shirt off of their back. They will always make more with less or something out of nothing, which is, in theory, where all relationships start. They know how to make family out of strangers, how to turn a simple interaction into the start of something wonderful that has the potential to last a lifetime. If you’re lucky enough to find a Cancer, prepare yourself for all they have in store for you. The smallest things will become the cornerstones of your relationship. Memories you’ll turn to time and time again as a source of comfort and reassurance that the relationship will run the course.

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