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4 Zodiacs Who Work The Hardest To Win You Back

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People often make the mistake of assuming Sagittarius is a cold-hearted sign, booking a plane ticket and moving on to the next as soon as a relationship goes south, but they are just good at hiding their hurt. It takes them a long time to accept defeat, and even though they’re known to give up on projects or hobbies, they never really give up on love. Their quick tempers mean they aren’t strangers to losing their cool and saying the wrong thing, which has given them plenty of practice crafting a good apology. They know that with the right person, and the proper motivation, they can get to the point where they don’t lash out in the first place, they just may need another chance or two before they get there. They are a work in progress, but they will be willing to bust their ass to get back in your good graces.

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If you think Virgo will write you off for good before every admitting they were wrong, that’s because you’ve never had one fall in love with you before. There is a side of them, however small, that is strong enough to battle their ego to make things work with you.  Everyone knows just how stubborn and frustrating they can be better than themselves. They have watched countless people walk away and give up on them because of it, and frankly, part of them is tired of it and knows that deep down they could have been more reasonable and compromised instead of throwing away a perfectly good relationship. But even Virgos have a breaking point. When they meet their match they know it’s not worth letting you walk away. They will get down on their knees and beg if it comes to that. They’re not ignorant enough to recognize when someone is truly irreplaceable.

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Capricorn will make a deal with the devil to get you back. There’s no rule they won’t be willing to bend or break. You may thing they are so clean-cut they only know how to play by the rules, but part of the way they get ahead in life is recognizing an unfair playing field sooner than the average Joe. They see that the people who get ahead are the onesthinkare willing to do anything to achieve their goals, and when it comes to love, they will stop at nothing until they come out on top. They will text your friends, find dirt on your ex so you don’t go back to them, or even send flowers to your mom. Nothing is off-limits. But they know that once you say yes, they better be on their best behavior if they want to keep you around.

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Libra is the quickest to see the error of their ways. If for whatever reason they have a lapse of judgment and let you walk away, they will come chasing to get you back before you’ve made it to your car. Then they will go to work demonstrating instead of just telling you how reliable they really can be. The good thing about Libra is that they learn from their mistakes, so they’ll never make the same one twice. You will see them change so much and so quickly, that you won’t even believe they ever screwed up to begin with, erasing the whole ordeal from your memory with their outstanding behavior. You’ll know the remorse is genuine by the sincerity of their acts of contrition, and they’ll probably throw in a few “I’m sorry” gifts just for good measure.

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