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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Date Someone Too Attached To Their Phone

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Some zodiacs won’t mind you checking your texts and scrolling through social media while you’re on dates because they’re doing the same exact thing. But other signs aren’t going to be too happy when you pull out your phone in the middle of dinner. They’re going to take it as a sign of disrespect. Here are a few zodiacs who won’t stay with a partner who is too attached to their phone:

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If you’re on a date with a Leo, they expect to be the center of attention. They expect you to act present and enjoy the time spent together. They aren’t going to be thrilled if you’re staring at your phone in the middle of a conversation with them or while you’re out to eat at dinner because it suggests that you’re bored. It suggest that you aren’t having a good enough time with them and need to search for entertainment elsewhere. Leos want to be enough for you. They don’t want to feel like they’re competing for your attention. So if you would rather stare at your phone than stare into their eyes, they aren’t going to want to see you again.

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Capricorns are one of the busiest signs in the zodiac, so if they have made time in their schedule for you, they want to make the most of that time. And if your attention is only half on them, it’s going to be hard to have serious conversation. It’s going to be hard to get to know each other better. This sign isn’t going to judge you over taking photos to post on social media or getting excited over internet drama — as long as those things don’t interfere with your quality time together.

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Cancers might be old fashioned, but they would rather spend dates talking to their date instead of staring at separate phones in silence. Especially since they can be sensitive and take little slights to heart. So if you keep checking your phone while they’re speaking, they’re going to get self-conscious. They’re going to assume that you’re counting down the seconds until the date is over and you can hang out with whoever is on the opposite side of your phone. Cancers need constant reassurance that you care, and staring at your phone all night is pretty much proving the opposite. At least, it’s making them feel that way.

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Aries are all about living in the moment. They want to make the most of every second that they spend with you, which means they want you to be thinking about them and only them during dates. They don’t want you focused on what you have to do later. They don’t want you focused on what some celebrity or friend is doing on the other side of the world. They want to be the only thing on your mind while they’re standing in front of you. Maybe it’s selfish. Maybe it’s unreasonable. But they aren’t going to settle for less.

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