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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Be The First To Say ‘I Love You’

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Some zodiac signs are shy about expressing their feelings. They don’t want to admit how they’re feeling deep down because they’re scared that the other person won’t feel the same way about them. Here are some zodiacs who are never the first to say those three little words out loud, so you’re probably going to have to do it:

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Even though Cancers are usually the one to fall in love first, that doesn’t mean they are going to admit it out loud. This sign is terrified of rejection. They don’t want to find out that they’re the one who cares more. They don’t want to be humiliated by their own emotions, which is why they keep their real feelings locked up instead. As soon as their partner says those three little words, they will probably be ready to say them too – but they won’t utter it a moment earlier. They won’t risk being the first one to say it and getting their heart shattered when the words aren’t returned.

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Scorpios are a mysterious sign who don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. They keep their emotions stuffed deep down in their chests because they are worried about getting hurt. They keep quiet in order to protect themselves. In order to feel like they have more power in the situation. They aren’t going to say those three little words first because that means putting themselves out there. It means letting down their walls and lowering their guard – and Scorpios are too terrified of rejection to do this. They would rather play it cool and see what the other person has to say first.

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Taurus take a long time to fall in love. They aren’t going to develop feelings for someone without getting to know the real them beforehand. Normally, Taurus take longer to fall in love than their partners, which is why they aren’t going to be the first o say those three little words. After all, they don’t want to say it prematurely. They don’t want to say it until they’re one hundred percent sure that they mean it. Otherwise, that wouldn’t be fair to their partner. Taurus pride themselves on their honesty, so they are going to wait to say I love you. They are going to make sure they mean every word.

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Leos want to be chased. They want their person to pursue them and make them feel like the most beautiful person in every room. Even though Leos are going to say those three little words plenty once feelings are out in the open and they’re in a serious relationship, they won’t want to be the ones to say those words first. They will want to know that the other person feels the same way first. They want to know that their feelings are returned. Leos have high confidence, so they know their worth. They know they deserve to be loved. But they want to hear you say it first. Then they’ll return the favor.

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