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4 Zodiacs Who Will Suffer Their Worst Heartbreak In Their Twenties

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Your heart is more resilient than you think. Even though you might be going through a rough heartbreak right now, that doesn’t mean you’re going to feel this was forever. You’re going to get over them eventually, and you’re going to be in a much happier place. Here are a few zodiacs who usually have their worst heartbreak in their twenties:

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Your worst heartbreak will be in your twenties because it’s a time when you’re finally able to figure yourself out. You’re finally learning what you want from a relationship and what you aren’t willing to put up with from a partner. You’re also learning what you want in terms of your career and where you plan to live. These logistical issues could cause tension in the relationship if you’re not on the same page. You could end up breaking up, not because you’ve fallen out of love, but because you aren’t growing in the same direction. This can be one of the toughest types of breakups because neither of you did anything wrong–and neither of you really wants it to end. But you have to let each other grow in order to let each other thrive.

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Your worst heartache will be in your twenties because you’re finally thinking about your future seriously. You are no longer dating just to have a good time. You’re dating in order to find the person you will spend the rest of your life alongside. And when you find someone you thought would be your forever, and it turns out that they were only a temporary part of your story, it’s heartbreaking to go separate ways. To accept that the future you pictured in your head is no longer going to become a reality. To say goodbye to this person in front of you, but also to the home you could have built together.

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Your worst heartache will be in your twenties because you’re finally giving yourself permission to feel your feelings instead of pushing them away and pretending you’re heartless like when you were younger. You’re finally in touch with your emotions. You’re finally healing in healthy ways instead of numbing the pain and engaging in self-destructive attitudes. Even though this is going to be a painful time for you, it’s also a sacred time for you. It’s giving you a chance to express and explore your vulnerability–and you should be proud of yourself for your willingness to do this. The old you would never.

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Your worst heartache will be in your twenties because you aren’t living in separate homes or dorms like when you were a teenager. A serious relationship means living together and building a real life together. It means sharing everything that you have and acting like a real team. Saying goodbye is extra tough in your twenties because you’re saying goodbye to more than each other. You might be saying goodbye to your shared friends. A shared house. A shared car or pet or furniture. Separating is more complicated than when you were younger because it means doing a lot of work to figure out where you’re going to live and how you’re going to afford certain things without your partner. It’s not one change. It’s a thousand changes at once.

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