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4 Zodiacs Who Will Start A New Relationship Chapter During 2023’s Venus In Virgo

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After many months in the sign of Leo, Venus will enter the sign of Virgo on October 8th, 2023, until November 8th, 2023. This transit will impact Mutable Signs the most because this energy will have them reflecting on the direction they need to take, especially with Saturn making an aspect to Venus and their respective signs. It is a transit filled with love, patience, and self-care. If you have mutable placements, see how this energy will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.

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This is one of the transits that will have many Virgos focusing on relationships and romance. After the Venus in Leo transit this year, the energy Virgo brings will be one of practicality, allowing for reconciliations and reflection. Since this is happening in your sign, you will be a lot more honest about the dynamic you have with others, including friendships. Having Venus in your sign will let you see new parts of yourself that you can fall in love with. You may be more inspired to switch up your style. As with many Venus transits, you may need to learn not to spend impulsively. However, because it is in your sign, you may invest in practical things that may aid you in the long run, such as books, equipment for your job, hobbies, and other things. If you are in a relationship now or plan on entering one, this transit can make you want to feel secure, protected, and nurtured. You are more inclined to give your heart but have the clarity with Saturn’s opposition to protect it as well.

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All of your career goals now will take center stage as this Venus in Virgo transit brings some calming energy to the hectic career sector. This transit can allow you to make peace with some co-workers you may have had a falling out with. You are learning to be more diplomatic and listen to others, which can help you win more friends. While Venus in Leo may have allowed you to expand in terms of creativity and romantic opportunities, you are now going to feel a lot more determined to chase after your dreams. Venus in Virgo may be a pleasant and fruitful time to do things your way and curate a schedule that makes you feel less stressed. With Saturn’s influence, this could feel a little restrictive on the romantic relationship front. But there are still plenty of opportunities to solidify current romantic relationships and take them to new heights.

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The energy is happening in your house of partnerships, making you evaluate what you seek in a romantic or business partnership. However, you have Saturn in your sign, which will make an aspect to Venus, but this will serve to give you more clarity before falling head over heels for someone. The harsh truth could be eye-opening for you; nevertheless, it is also a time to feel mature and prepared to tackle any obstacles in the romantic realm. With Venus in Virgo, you are also going to feel a lot more adventurous to pursue new hobbies or create lovely experiences by hanging out with friends. Venus in Leo allowed you to enhance your routines, and with Saturn in your sign, you are developing a lot more discipline, but now you can embark and pursue things that bring you happiness and joy without second-guessing yourself.

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Venus in Virgo brings a lot of comfort, relaxation, and stability to your home. It is a time when you will be more centered and focused, particularly after such a vibrant Venus in Leo transit. While you did a lot of socializing, now you are being prompted to take things easily and to go at your own pace. Relaxation and beginning stress-free energy may be on your mind during this time. Having Venus in Virgo will also let you be more connected to family and career. Make sure to give yourself grace and being more patient will work in your favor, specifically if you feel disillusioned with your career path. Venus wants you to have fun with styling your home and get in touch with your creative side. This transit can feel beautiful, calm, and inspirational when you know how to go slow, plan, and embrace patience.

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