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4 Zodiacs Who Will Start A New Life Chapter During This Week’s New Moon In Sagittarius

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The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14th, 2023, will feel some of the pressures of Saturn this year. Mutable signs will be the most impacted because this energy can feel challenging but essential for personal growth. The year has been transformative for these signs already and the New Moon will allow Mutable signs to set your sights on your goals and dreams with much more confidence and direction. Of course, Mercury is ready to station retrograde soon, but this transit will still be optimistic and enlightening. See how the transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

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Sagittarius, you are the star of the show. The New Moon could bring new dreams, goals, and focus. Sagittarius Season has taught you to love yourself and to create stronger ties with the people you love. The last several weeks you have explored your imaginative side and connected with your goals. Of course, because Mercury is in its shadow period, starting anything new should not be something to focus on now but you could channel this energy to focus more on the New Year, which can bring you some grounding and joy. You are a sign that knows how to achieve harmony through what you love. The transit will help you learn to appreciate what speaks to your heart and what new things you could plan for the new year.

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One of those transits that will allow you to see what you desire in your professional life. The New Moon in Sagittarius might make you dream big and continue on your journey, but instead of taking action, you will feel more content with observing and planning. It could be a period where you are inspired to research, learn, and continue your personal growth. This can feel like a romantic transit, giving you the emotional depth to enter new and more meaningful relationships. As you enter this new chapter, you can see yourself in a new light, as well as your growth during the year. Saturn is helping you evolve and the New Moon will show you just how structured things are becoming for you and how to continue to build on the new foundation since Saturn in Pisces ingress this year.

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The past relationships can serve as a good reminder of what to consider in the future. The Moon in Sagittarius not only helps you expand on existing relationships, but you may be more focused on building your connections with co-workers or classmates. This energy is about getting closer to success, and it could push you to level up, especially if you feel stuck. Saturn has been slowing you down but this New Moon helps us all to feel more confident and direction, especially if we did not feel like we were on track with our plans. For the next six months, you will see how your growth and the passion you have for your profession or field can help you reach for the stars, as long as you continue to be patient.

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Your social life could be much more exciting with this transit, as the Moon in Sagittarius helps you to build relationships and make new friendships. Because this transit is happening at the lowest point in your chart, you could be more comfortable working and updating your routines from the comfort of your home. You are prepared to get inspired by the people around you and feel more romantic energy. Your circle of friends will be a lovely way to be grounded and go with the flow. It is a period for mutable signs to think more like tacticians, since Saturn is teaching patience and courage. The transit can be a way for you to discover your power and resilience.

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