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4 Zodiacs Who Will Reap Their Rewards During the New Moon in Taurus

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After a chaotic eclipse season that broke down walls, shattered relationships, and enabled a lot of healing, it feels like a relief to be on the other side of Aries season. The first new moon of the spring occurs tonight at 18° of Taurus, a degree associated with Virgo.

This combination of luxurious glamor and bookish intellect provides opportunities for all manner of earth-sign abundance: longevity, stability, security, wealth, and the stubbornness required to get things done. In other words, it’s the time to push forward, not make excuses as to why you can’t make your current dream a reality.

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With the shimmering optimism of Jupiter and the ruthless spontaneity of Uranus hanging out alongside the luminaries, it’s a new moon full of potential for breakthroughs—and breakdowns. Depending on your rising sign, you’ll have a lucky break right now—or perhaps a little later down the road, once the dust has settled. Good things come to those who wait. That’s the Taurus mantra.

The following four zodiac signs are likely to see the fruits of their labor this week.


With the new moon taking place in your first house of identity, you’ll feel like you’re shedding an entirely old and outdated version of yourself in place of a new, polished, high-definition-photo-ready extrovert. This week you’ll be showing the world that although you clean up real nice, you aren’t just a pretty face. Your words hold weight around this time, so don’t be afraid to show up, preferably in public, to share them. Read a new classic novel, write some poetry, or join a book club full of cool and fashionable it girls.

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The new moon in your tenth house will highlight your career and reputation, potentially bringing you the kind of grandiose success you always secretly felt you were going to have. Whether it’s a chance to take the lead on a six-figure account at work or a flight to a conference with the company credit card in hand, many of you will be networking with very important people. This isn’t the time to freeze and doubt yourself. Speak with elegance and conviction. Move with self-assured cool-girl energy, even if you’re in the same room as your idols. Work on building your profile confidently but cautiously.

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All of you will feel the positive effects of this lunation, but if your ascendant is within a few degrees of 18°, you are going to benefit especially strongly. This is due the comfortable trine to your ninth house, where the multitude of planets in Taurus are clustered. If your aspirations are academic, religious, or literary, this is a very valuable time to set intentions and deadlines for yourself. If you want a book deal, a chance to study abroad, or a place in your dream PhD program, you owe it to yourself to start working towards that goal.

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Those of you who are trying to conceive should take note of the new moon in your fifth house, especially if your rising sign falls within several degrees of 18°. There is an easy trine to the house commonly associated with children, romance, and creativity, so even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant, another significant event is likely to take place: a meet-cute at the coffee shop, the beginning of a new artistic project, or a chance to babysit your adorable niece or nephew while their parents are on vacation. This lunation provides an ideal opportunity to let your fun side take over for once. Explore life with a free and unburdened spirit, allowing your heart, rather than your head, to take the lead

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