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4 Zodiacs Who Will Nurture Their Dreams This Summer

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You nurture your dreams this summer, Taurus, by overcoming the barrier to entry. If you want to learn to play a guitar, you’ve got to buy or rent one. If you’ve always dreamed of going to Paris, you have to book the ticket. If you’ve been dying to make a career change, you have to acquire new skills by signing up for that training, that class, that program. Whatever it is you have to take that first step, make that initial investment, whether it is time or money doesn’t matter. Spend thirty dollars or thirty minutes, but do the thing. It will be hard, don’t get me wrong, to keep doing the thing, once you’ve started, but sometimes that first hurdle is the hardest to overcome. Summer is that magical time when everything feels alive, the weather improves our mood, and an ice-cold margarita is all it takes to calm your nerves enough to make today the day you say, “I’m going to do it.”

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You nurture your dreams, Leo, by coming back to them this summer. Projects you left unfinished, plans you put on hold because life got in the way, opportunities that didn’t pan out originally but might now finally be available. Delay doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human. No matter how motivated or dedicated you may be, external factors get in the way. Perseverance isn’t about getting it right on the first try. It’s about the valleys that come after our peaks, and the impetus we have to find our way back to another incline, to push against gravity to new heights. So if you have to pick up Anna Karenina for the fifth time, or get back to the gym, or if you have to dust off old sports equipment, or pull out a recipe you used to make all the time but have since forgotten, it’s okay. Detours make our lives richer by exposing us to things we didn’t plan for, but we can always find our way back to our path and pick up where we left off.

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You nurture your dreams, Capricorn, by finding the adult equivalents of the things you wanted in childhood. Maybe you were the biggest Britney fan growing up and always dreamed of being a singer. As an adult, it’s time for you to finally learn how to write a song. Maybe you watched The Parent Trap on VHS so many times the cassette wore out. As an adult, it’s time for you to sign up for the fencing class you always wished you could go to, or plan a stay at an adult summer camp. Whatever it is that is used to keep you awake in your bed at night, hoping and wishing for your dream life, you’re not supposed to write it off as impossible. You’re not supposed to let those dreams die. They can grow with you. You can find the nugget, the source of the joy, and figure out where in your community you can reach out and grab it. Now is the time when you have the means and the wherewithal to do so.

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You nurture your dreams this summer, Pisces, by being honest about what they are in the first place. You know what everyone else’s dreams are, you’re great at reading a room. You know what the “usual” route is for people your age, what your average peer aspires to, but somehow deep down, you know that doesn’t align with your biggest dreams. The things you want, the things you’d regret never giving a shot in life, are not exactly ordinary, and for whatever reason, you’ve been afraid to be honest about them. Maybe you think people will judge you, will think you’re too demanding, that you want too much, and will look down on you for thinking ordinary isn’t enough for you. Flip those people the bird (I know your sweet sentimental Pisces soul can’t, but I still want you to). No one can live your life but you. No one can say whether your life is fulfilling or inspiring or thrilling but you. You get to say when you’re bored when you need a change. You are the one who can spot your north star in the sky. Stop pretending your view is obstructed. Everything is in plain sight.

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