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4 Zodiacs Who Will Meet Their Closest Friends In Their Twenties And Thirties

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It gets harder to make friends as you grow older, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to find anyone you click with ever again. In fact, some zodiacs tend to find the people who match them the best once they’re out of high school. Here are the zodiacs who tend to make their closest friends in their twenties and thirties:

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You might have hung onto some friends who have known you since you were younger, but most people that you were friends with as a child don’t know anything about the you today. You are a completely different person now than you were back then, so it’s only natural for you to find friends who fit this current version of you better. You are going to find the people who truly understand you in your twenties and thirties, and their friendship will mean the world to you. These people are going to be there throughout the good times and the bad. And the best part? They are going to appreciate the real, authentic you.

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It’s devastating when the friends you thought would be around forever end up losing touch with you. But don’t worry because there’s going to be a period after the loneliness of losing these people when you end up finding new people who fit you even better. The friends that you make in your twenties and thirties are the real deal because they aren’t friendships of convenience. They aren’t hanging out with you, simply because they’re seeing you in the halls every day. They’re keeping in touch with you because they like you. They’re putting in the effort because you matter that much to them. Adult friendships are the toughest to maintain, but they’re also the strongest because in order to keep them alive you both need to put in the work. And people who are willing to prioritize you are worth cherishing.

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The friends that you make in your twenties and thirties are going to have more in common with you than anyone you have ever met. They might not like the exact same things that you do, but they will ‘get’ you on a level that no one else does. They will understand exactly who you are as a person – and they will appreciate that person. These friends are keepers because they see the real you, flaws and all, and are genuinely happy to have you around. These people would never make you feel bad about yourself. They talk you up and hype you up. They make your life easier, not harder like the dramatic friendships you’ve had in the past.

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Although the friends you had when you were younger shared a special connection with you since you watched each other grow up, the friends that you make in your twenties and thirties are going to be there for you during the most meaningful moments of your life. They are going to be there during your biggest breakups, during your walk down the aisle, during funerals and birthdays and births. These friends are going to hold a special place in your heart because they aren’t only there for the fun times. They are there to pick you up too. They are real ride-or-dies.

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