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4 Zodiacs Who Will Hit The Ground Running In February

Life has a way of putting way too much pressure on the month of January. It’s unrealistic for everyone to still be gasping for air from the holiday sprint and have all their shit together in the early morning of their New Year’s hangover. The four zodiacs below do a good job of delaying that pressure, enough so that they can make an meaningful impact on their life goals in the second, but equally important month of the year.


Leo loves to keep the celebration going year round. They’re jumping on the Valentine’s or Galentine’s train the minute that February calendar sheet gets turned. There is something about a holiday centered around handwritten notes that really speaks to them. They know just how meaningful and impactful a thoughtful note can be to someone, and just how fast the art is dying out. New pundits blame millennials for the death of businesses like Applebee’s and Chili’s, but Leos are singlehandedly keeping stationary stores open and running. They likely grew up in families where their parents ‘asked’ them to be their Valentine each year, and the lesson was imparted upon them that a romantic partner is absolutely not a necessary requirement for a fantastic February 14th. The celebrate with siblings, aunts, uncles, co-workers, doormen, baristas, and anyone else who could benefit from a piece of chocolate. Life to a Leo is all about the simple kindnesses we offer each other on a daily basis, and February is their reminder to set that tone year round.


Sagittarius gets lost in the January shuffle each year. Despite their reputations as free spirits and adventurers, there are parts of their personalities that greatly benefit from, and in some ways even require structure. The knowledge seeker inside of them still yearns for a school day syllabus, even though it was their least favorite day of the year, because it laid out expectations and created a plan. In adulthood, they are disappointed to find that each new year doesn’t start with a well-thought out plan, the concrete rules to a game they can play on auto-pilot. By the time February rolls around, they pick up the pieces around them and start to build their own plan because idleness breeds impatience in Sagittarius. When the future seems unclear they look backwards to the past. What worked well for me last year? What didn’t? Where can I improve? The realist in them knows they have all the answers they need inside themselves, even though they’d prefer to receive the same information from a third party.


Gemini’s get absolutely nothing done in January because they are too overwhelmed at the thought of a new year’s worth of anything. They have an entire calendar to organize, an entire year of PTO to plan, a full year of birthdays to remember and holidays to celebrate, and weekends to plan. The analysis paralysis drives everyone around them insane, until, on February 1st they spring into action like none of their frantic doom spiraling had every occurred. When February arrives it’s time for action. No more fuddling with lists or dillydallying with decision making. Their agenda is already full and Valentine’s cupcakes to bake. Gemini lives for the hectic rush of feeling like someone somewhere always needs you. It’s the Batman complex we all know and love them for. Once anyone sends that signal into the sky, they come running. It’s what makes life worth living to them. That inner confidence that says time and time again, “I can help with that, I am capable of making a difference”.


Libra transforms all of their metaphorical potential energy into a kinetic force in February. All of the resting, all of the eating, all of the socializing with loved ones fills up this inner battery they need to take on the new year. And it’s in this recharged state that they are able to take big swings and bigger risks and really chip away at their goals in life. They will look for the jobs, get back into the dating pool, write the first chapter, invest in an electronic drum set or rowing machine. They will do the big thing they’ve been too scared to do for the past 365 days because they’re finally in the right headspace to make it a reality. Blame it on the new year’s champagne, the Christmas cookies, whatever you need to justify the fact that you feel safe and warm and loved and ready to show up for yourself the same way everyone else has in the past three months. Libra needs that reminder to rip the bandaid off and take that first step towards turning their life in a new direction

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