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4 Zodiacs Who Will Have To Embark On Their Next Life Chapter Alone

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There are pros and cons to getting help on your journey to your next life chapter. While it can foster a sense of community–and maybe get you to your goal a little faster–you can’t always rely on others to prop you up. Sometimes the very act of doing it yourself will be the big skill you learn along the way. Or maybe you’ll go it alone because you have to sink into–and accept–your single status. If you’re one of these four zodiac signs, you’ll have to spend your next life chapter alone. I have good news, though: This is far from a bad thing.

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You’re used to doing things by yourself. It’s that independent spirit that’s gotten you this far. Add in the fact that you have a hard time asking for help and you’re probably not surprised to see that you’ll be doing things alone again. But because you have experience with this, you’re the one on this list most likely to handle it with ease. While you’ll be embarking on your next life chapter alone, that doesn’t mean 24/7. Though you’re the one making your goals happen, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements and milestones with all your favorite people. Spread the love, Aries.

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When you’re alone, that’s when you start second-guessing yourself. If you don’t have someone cheerleading alongside you as you work toward your goals, you’ll start to become unsure if you’re even doing the right thing. That’s why spending your next life chapter alone is so important. In order to become truly successful and confident, you need to trust your own opinion of yourself. While it’s nice to have a team beside you, you can’t truly achieve greatness until you can go it alone. Do these things for yourself, and not for the attention of others.

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If you’ve spent a long chunk of time single, the prospect of spending even more time alone must sound annoying and overwhelming. If you really think about it, could you finish even half of what you need to get done if you were dating someone? They take up so much attention and energy that other areas of your life would suffer. You have big plans for your next life chapter, and it’ll go a lot smoother if you can just do it all by yourself. All action and no distractions.

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You like having a whole community around you. You also like to be independent, and sometimes those two things don’t mix. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been relying too much on other people lately, your next life chapter is the perfect time to go it alone. You’ll never know just how powerful you really are until you see what you can handle by yourself. You might be surprised to learn just how much of a superhero you can become.

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