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4 Zodiacs Who Will Find Their Soulmate Later Than They Planned

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You might have had dreams about finding your person when you were still in high school or college–but that isn’t the way it works for most people. There’s nothing wrong with finding your partner in your late twenties, thirties, or beyond. Even though you might feel like you’re falling behind the rest of the world, plenty of people are feeling the exact same way. Don’t worry because here are the zodiacs who are most likely to find their person later than they hoped:

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Capricorn, even though you’ve dreamed of settling down with that one special person, you haven’t been putting your full focus on love up until this point. After all, you have so many other big dreams and responsibilities that have been taking up the bulk of your time. You might not have found your person yet, but you have accomplished so much in other areas of your life. You should be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. And remember, the skills you’ve learned in other areas are bound to help you in your relationships. Once you find your person, you are going to have the tools to treat them right. You are going to give them everything they deserve and more.

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Aries, since you’re impulsive, you have found yourself in your fair share of bad relationships. Or at least wrong relationships. But you shouldn’t regret all the time you ‘wasted’ on the wrong people because that time was actually valuable. It taught you something about the way you want to give and receive love in the future. It taught you what type of person you’re interested in committed to and what type of person you’re better off keeping your distance from. Even though you might feel like love is a challenge and everyone else has you beat, you aren’t actually in a competition. It doesn’t matter when you find your person. All that matters is that you’re happy. Now, while you’re single, and later, when you find this person.

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Virgo, you are a practical sign, so you were hoping that you would end up with a ‘traditional life’ where you met your person at a young age and started building a family together in whatever way that means for you. But that’s not the way things have turned out. There have been a lot of twists and turns you never could have seen coming so you can’t blame yourself for the circumstances you’ve found yourself in. All that matters is that you made it through those tough times. You’re moving on from an unfortunate past and are working toward building the beautiful future that you deserve. You might be alone right now, but you have a big enough heart to make room for someone else when the time comes. And when it does, you’ll know it.

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Sagittarius, you’re a hard worker, so you’re willing to put in a ton of effort for the right relationship. But you haven’t found it yet. You haven’t found someone you want to make happy–and who has been willing to make you happy in return. But you can’t rush the process. Even though you might be eager to settle down now that you’re ready to give up your partying days, you need to remain patient. Hold onto the hope that you’ll find someone who makes your heart feel full. They’re out there, but you need to keep searching. You can’t give up on your journey just yet.

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