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4 Zodiacs Who Will Find Happiness In An Unexpected Place This Month

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Taurus, you will find happiness in confrontation. We all know you are comfortable being stubborn, locking those horns and refusing to budge, but there is going to be something about this opponent that feels like a soulmate to you. An other half with opposing viewpoints. A foil that helps you to not only articulate your position on something, but who brings to light and helps you understand its counterpoints as well. Your most frustrating quality can be your refusal to explain yourself, but this encounter will leave you crystal clear on your reasoning and convictions. When you are able to debate at this higher level, some of the emotion will be removed. You’ll see the beauty in focusing on logic, and meeting an equal on an even playing field.

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Your unexpected happiness comes from saying “no”. You’re always so busy, fitting every last invitation into your schedule, but this month you are going to plan laziness in advance. By blocking off a set amount of days or hours dedicated to doing absolutely nothing, you’ll be giving yourself an excuse to saying no to that networking event, the party you’re too tired to go to anyway, and the friend who means well, but would become the breaking point in a social calendar filled to the brim. Everyone and everything isn’t entitled to every moment of free time in your life. You can spend an entire Saturday watching movies, without doing any laundry on the side. Whatever it is that feels unproductive, lean into it. Your batteries will finally be able to recharge.

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Virgo, you will be the happiest loser this month. I know that sounds sacrilegious, but you are going to do (and enjoy) something competitive just for the hell of it. Run a race and come in last. Sit at a blackjack table until you’re out of cash. Go to a trivia night that isn’t about the TV show you’ve watched a million times. Just do something you’re not going to win at, and enjoy what it feels like to complete a task without the crushing weight of your own expectations. Not everything in life comes with such high stakes. You will not live or die by holding the high score at pinball. But you could just have the most fun you’ve had in awhile.

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Your happiness this month, Capricorn, comes from instant gratification. I’m talking retail therapy. You’re known for your patience, for your pragmatism, for your financial soundness, but this month you’re going full Ariana Grande and the motto is “I want it, I got it”. You see a pair of shoes in the store? A new book in the display case? A funny hat on Instagram? Just see how good it feels to say “yes” to yourself for once. I’m not saying go buy a house you’ve never seen before on Zillow, or a stick shift car you don’t know how to drive, but give in to the pleasure of purchasing some little thing that won’t break the bank. Enjoy treating yourself with the fruits of your labor. That paycheck isn’t meant to be framed and hung on the wall.

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